High-Speed Success!

My high-speed internet connection was finally installed today and this is a huge improvement! Wow, this will be wonderful. I’ve already seen a couple sites I couldn’t visit before, and my daily internet tasks will go much faster. Still need to configure new email, but the basics are up.

buried in bottles

The stronger antenna did come in and the satellite internet company is supposed to call Monday to set up an installation. Not holding my breath, but hoping this will work out after all. Would be such a help not to have web pages constantly timing out on me.

Am going to go back to the rose scents this weekend. I’d put them down for a week to work on other things.

I need to organize my ever expanding ingredient collection again. I keep everything inside where the temperature is consistent in a big built-in alder cabinet all along one wall of the work room (all bottles are in the dark behind solid wood doors). I’m running out of space (so many bottles!) and need to move the files out of a couple shelves so the whole thing will be bottles. I have kitchen cabinet style shelf steps on each shelf so I can make use of the full depth and still see the bottles in back. I keep all the naturals in one area of the cabinet and synths in another. I try to organize by type (woodsy things together, florals together etc), but also by bottle size and company. I have the main bottle storage area in the cabinet and then also my working organ with small bottles of all the things I use regularly when working on new blends. With so many ingredients, it’s a huge organizational challenge. I’m an organized sort of person, but the rate of incoming stuff has gotten ahead of me, lol. Must do some re-org.

There was a nice review of SSS and the scent Opal recently on the blog Noteworthy Fragrances:




This ‘n That

Got my pen tablet back from repair! Wacom was great about fast turn-around. For anyone with sore wrists who can write by hand but can’t type much, these tablets are nice. They’re also great for graphics and photo editing, though I have much to learn in those areas.

Still waiting on the high speed internet. They were expecting a shipment of stronger antennas Tuesday. Sure hope it arrived, but they haven’t called. Will call tomorrow but am losing hope.

Working on the scents. Got a nice new cypress EO that has a spicy character; smells like it has hints of cinnamon and cardamom with the fresh woodsy cypress. Very nice.

Updated the format of the buttons on the fragrance shop menus. Much cleaner now. Updated some photos too.

Scent List Updates

I wanted to give a little more background info for what I’m working on now.  Several online boutiques have shown interest in carrying my scents, but I’m making myself wait until I have my scent list the way I want it before selling to boutiques.  My scent list had become a bit too long and I wanted to pare it down to focus on some of the most special scents.  Also, I keep finding great new ingredients (some naturals and some synthetics), and then I see how I could incorporate them into previous scents.  I thought I’d take this opportunity now before I start to wholesale to update some of my scents and work some new ingredients into them.  After this is done, I’ll lock these formulas and will only put new ingredients into new scents, even when I get a tempting sample of a newly available natural from Eden Botanicals or a newly created aroma chemical from Givaudan or Firmenich.  I get tempting samples of new things all the time, but I’ll let them inspire new scents in the future and keep the older ones stable.  I think it’s important to customers to have the line be stable, so I’m putting in the time now to get the scent list the way I’d like to see it, with some new scent additions, some tweaks to a few older scents, and some scent discontinuations to make room for the new ones.  I’ll try to do a post soon on some new ingredients I’ve tried recently to give some examples.

On another topic, my special pen tablet has died (the connector cable needs replacing), so my emails will be a little shorter than usual until I get this tablet back from the shop.  I have tendinosis and carpal tunnel in my wrists, and the tablet allows me to write with a pen instead of the keyboard.  It really helps (I’ve tried dictation software but the tablet works better for me).

New floral blend

I’m excited about a new floral scent I’ve been working on — an update of Jour Ensoleille.  I wanted this fragrance to keep the same character but be a little more sophisticated.  It’s been a floral scent with orange blossom and jasmine on a lightly wooded base with cedar, sandal, amber, and musk.  I wanted the orange blossom to be softer at the start and I wanted less amber in the base with a little fresher but still woodsy touch.


The new version has orange blossom, tuberose, jasmine, lily of the valley, labdanum, sandalwood, patchouli, green leaves, oakmoss, and musk.  It blends a summery, almost tropical, mix of florals with a light woodsy, earthy base.  It’s long lasting with medium intensity, not a skin scent but not huge sillage either.  I’ll be testing a bit more before locking the formula, but I think it is about done.  I created a completely new formula to make use of some beautiful new ingredients that work very well in this context; the scent is very different, but still fits the original idea I had for it.

I also just finished my first batch of Champagne de Bois and really like how it turned out.  I’m still working on several rose scents.

Recently SSS had some very nice reviews on the blog Savvy Thinker here: