I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  We’re planning to open in a couple weeks with a slightly limited scent list until the remaining scents are done; that’ll get the finished scents out for sampling and purchase before the fall season begins. The new Jour Ensoleille, Encens Tranquille, and Champagne de Bois are done and will make great fall scents. Fireside Intense too! We’ll send an email to newsletter subscribers with more info in the next week or two.

I’m currently interviewing students to find a new assistant. I do this each fall through the local university and always seem to find someone great.  The students leave at the end of the school year though, so this search is a fall ritual for me. An assistant is a big help with filling sample vials and typing, tasks that my wrists don’t tolerate very well.

Still have a couple more new scents in the pipeline. One is an incense and labdanum blend with a touch of rose. It’s warm and a little spicy and needs a name. Another is a Rose Musc blend. And still finishing a few more updates to scents on the list.

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