Fall is in the air

Starting to feel like fall here, with cooler, shorter days and even our first rain due.   I’m just finishing a batch of Jour before putting the cart up.  Also working on labels on the new printer.  We’ll have a preview page up soon on the jewelry section too. 

 In making Jour I had to decide between two oakmosses.  One seemed earthier and the other greener.  I like both!

We’ve decided on two versions of Fireside and they’re on the site.  One is a variation on the original (a tad smokier), and the other is much smokier and has added leather notes (that is Fireside Intense).

 Hope you’ll try the new rose scents too.  Rose Musc is soft and versatile, and Cameo should be fun for lovers of rose/violet blends.

 More soon.


Took that first replacement printer back. It was giving strange error messages and having lots of problems. For example, it said “paper jam” when scanning directly to the computer with no paper involved. Seemed to be buggy software (consumer reviews did warn of this happening to some others, but I’d hoped I’d be one of the luckier ones). Got a Canon all-in-one instead and it works like a champ! The ink is much more smudgeproof for an inkjet. The colors of my labels need adjusting to print correctly, so as long as I’m at it I’m improving the look of the labels. I like the new fonts and colors better.

Am continuing to make progress on the scents. I’ve had requests to put the original Fireside back up, so I’m putting that on my to do list. And I’ve had many requests for Voile de Violette so that’s the next one I’ll work on after I put the paypal cart up. Hoping to have the cart up by end of the week as long as no other crisis hits like the printer dying. Love all my computer equipment but we’ve sure become dependent on this high-tech stuff these days…


The formulas are done for all the scents on the fragrance page that have shopping cart buttons. I’ve finished tweaking those and just need to finish larger batches of some.  An additional list of upcoming scents is given below that to summarize the ones in progress.

Thursday night I had a power surge that got right by my Belkin surge protector and fried my printer. Have never had that happen before. No lightening. Very strange.  So, off to Best Buy to get a new printer…  This one was only 1.5 years old so it’s frustrating.  The Belkin died too.

I did have a nice visit with my brother and family on labor day.  My niece is learning to ride horses and is very excited about it.

I’m excited to be almost ready to put the paypal cart back up.  Need to solve the fried printer problem and few more  details.  Will send a newsletter when the cart goes up.

Happy Labor Day!

Hope everyone is enjoying these final days of summer!  It’s been over 100 daily for more than a week here.  We often get an Indian summer heat wave or two.

 I’ve updated the fragrance page on the webite to be a lean set of scents we will open with soon.  Other scents will follow as ready.  I’m working on adjusting formulas so Rose Musc and Cameo can be done in oil as well as edp (almost done). For now, a few scents like Fireside and Champagne will only be available in edp.

 Some gemstone necklaces will be added to the jewelry page soon.

 Will post more this week.