New Fragrance Page on Site and Upcoming Ambre Noir

We have a new Fragrance page with links to a separate page description for each scent. The pages give photos and more info. We hope you enjoy them!  Here’s a link:

We have a new scent coming soon called Ambre Noir; it’s a dark, woodsy amber scent. Click here for more info:

Voile de Violette

I’m working on Voile de Violette and had promised testers to two people.  I’m looking through my notes for your addresses.  If you see this, send me some email.  🙂  I have a version that’s similar to the original but with the change I was hoping to make.   Should be ready to send out a few testers soon and know some people have been waiting for this one.

Also have a really nice new surprise scent.  I think I’ll add it to the list on Monday.

Hope everyone who heads off to the sniffa fest this weekend has a wonderful time! 

Jour Ensoleille

Jour Ensoleille is on the site now.  It’s a woodsy floral with tuberose, orange blossom and jasmine on a base of oakmoss, sandalwood, vetiver, labdanum, and green leaves.  It has a bit of a chypre or vintage feel to me (minus the bergamot and coumarin), and makes me think of late summer or fall.

We also have a surprise new fragrance coming soon (hoping by week’s end) that I’ve not mentioned yet.  More to come soon.

Just for fun, here’s a pic taken last spring of moss and lichen growing on a white oak that wraps around the deck behind the SSS studio.  It’s a lovely old tree with a moss-covered trunk. It lost a branch and is putting out new growth near the place the branch was cut. I don’t tincture moss (better to buy pure absolute), but we sure have a lot of moss and lichen on all the oak trees here.


Fall News

The shopping cart is up and quite a few new scents are on the Fragrance page. More scents are on the way.

There’s a new interview about Sonoma Scent Studio on the PerfumeCritic blog:

We have new jars for the shea cream and will post a photo soon.

Back to filling orders…