Voile de Violette

I’m working on Voile de Violette and had promised testers to two people.  I’m looking through my notes for your addresses.  If you see this, send me some email.  🙂  I have a version that’s similar to the original but with the change I was hoping to make.   Should be ready to send out a few testers soon and know some people have been waiting for this one.

Also have a really nice new surprise scent.  I think I’ll add it to the list on Monday.

Hope everyone who heads off to the sniffa fest this weekend has a wonderful time! 

About Laurie E

artisan perfumer and owner of Sonoma Scent Studio
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One Response to Voile de Violette

  1. CH says:

    Wow, I would like to try the new version. I have a little of the old version that I love.

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