Celebrating April

Now that April 15 is past us, many of us are celebrating the end of tax forms for another year.  We can also celebrate spring.  It was 85 last weekend here, so I felt like it was summer.  I’m cutting dozens of roses to bring in the house, and the pink jasmine is in bloom.  The clematis, heuchera, and geraniums are blooming too.  I love this time of year as the garden wakes up and gets into full swing.

I’ve been working on a design for boxes for the edp bottles and am nearly done.  It’ll be exciting to finish that project.  Once the design is done it’ll take a month or so to have them made.

I’ve also been working on a new woodsy violet fragrance and think it may be done.  I’ve sent a few testers out to see if others agree.  Am still working on the jasmine/tuberose floral.

I plan to post here more.  I’d like to host some sample give-away draws, and I’ve found some local artists I’d love to mention.  So here’s to getting by April 15 and to summer days ahead…

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