P&F Notes from Conference with Mandy Aftel

There’s an interesting write-up in today’s Perfumer and Flavorist newsletter about an event with Mandy Aftel that was sponsored by the Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce (WFFC).  Aftel discussed ingredients she uses and talked about some of her scents, including her luscious Fig scent.

Unlike many fig fragrances that are heavy on coconut, green leafy notes, and dry woods, Aftel’s is more like a juicy, ripe, sweet fig approximated magically with various natural ingredients.  She shared a partial list of her Fig’s formula: fir absolute, tonka, (sweet) oakmoss, tolu balsam, lavender, jasmin sambac, blue chamomile, pink pepper absolute, organic grand fir, bois de rose, pink grapefruit.  Aftel’s Fig has always been one of my favorites of hers, but then I love natural fir balsam absolute with it’s jammy scent.  Her Fig is rich and lasts a surprisingly long time for a natural perfume.

To read the full newlsetter article:



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