Sneak peek at a new scent…

I’ve been working on Gardenia Musk, Lieu de Reves, and a third project I haven’t mentioned by name yet but that seems almost ready.  It’s a new woodsy gourmand and I’ll let this page serve here as a sneak peek, but I won’t add it to the site probably for about a week.

I was debating whether to use autumn or winter in the name but autumn conjures leaves, apples, and spices while winter seems more in synch with cozy smoky ambered woods.  This isn’t a dry or stark wood though; it’s a fall and winter cozy woods scent.

I’ve also made good progress on Reves; I really like the added soft rose note and decided against a couple other things I had tried in it.  I’m hoping to get back to Gardenia within a day or two.

I love these late summer days and the upcoming fall days.  The warm evenings with spectacular light on the hills are one of my favorite things.  Hope you’re enjoying summer’s late stages.  🙂

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