Dark, rich, dirty rose

Last week I tried Magie Noire for the first time (it’s great!), and yesterday I tried another dark and dirty rose, Gucci’s sadly discontinued L’Arte di Gucci.  It’s quite something, a very rich dark rose with fruity topnotes on an earthy base with patchouli, vetiver, leather, moss, woods, and musk. It has some spice from geranium (but none of the soapiness that geranium can have) and some other floral notes (primarily tuberose and a little dirty narcissus), but the rose dominates.  It’s a diva scent and very extroverted; it doesn’t fit my quiet personality but I love the smell because I’m a sucker for dark rose scents.  Lasting power is excellent.  The rose is very deep and smells damscone-rich.  Yum.  I’ll have to do a comparison, but I think Magie Noire seemed to be a bit more animalic on me and Gucci is more earthy, though the Gucci has some leather notes too.

I’m almost caught up with orders again.  I’ll give an update soon on the new scents, and it’ll be time for a newsletter soon too.  We’re still having a major heat wave here!  I’m very thankful for the air conditioning, which has been needed this summer more than usual.  It wasn’t a sensible day to try a dark rose, but I couldn’t resist.

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