Ambre Noir

Just wanted to give a little heads up that Ambre Noir should be back on the site Friday.  For those with tester samples, it is #11.  It’s less sweet than 10a but similar otherwise.  If you’re making a sample order soon and you are interested in Ambre Noir, you may want to wait until it is on the site or request one as your free extra because it’s ready and I just need to get the shopping cart buttons up for it.  I also need to take a new photo, but it’s still a rich brown color from the labdanum absolute.

Checking in…

I wanted to check in briefly.  I’ll have some more posts soon, but it’s been busy around here.  Just the usual things, keeping up with orders and working on new scents when I can squeeze that in.  I think Ambre Noir is done and Gardenia Musk is close. I will get some interesting new ingredient samples on Wed and always look forward to sniffing new things.

My garden is fending for itself right now, though the drip system keeps springing leaks here and there and always needs attention.  I sure wish drip needed less repair; it’s a good way to minimize water use but requires a lot of upkeep.

Will be back with something more on the perfume front soon…

Some fragrant news of the day

Today Now Smell This featured an article about five recent rose releases and included Vintage Rose in the reviews:

I was really happy to see Vintage included there!  Miller et Bertaux Shanti and Red Flower Guaiac sound fun to try too.

You’ve probably heard about the two new Serge Lutens scents from all the press about them.  Serge Noire sounds most tempting to me (dry incense), but El Attarine sounds interesting too. Here’s a review today of Attarine:


Immortelle absolute is a natural ingredient that gives a sweet maple note to perfumes, but it also has hay and herbaceous notes and can add a smoky tabac nuance.  I like it when used lightly and not combined with too much vanilla so the hay and tabac aspects are played up and the maple is more subdued.   It’ll be fun to see how it’s used in Attarine.


I have narrowed the gardenia trials down to one that I like best.  I want to see if there’s a topnote I could add to counter the sweetness in the opening minutes, but I like the drydown quite a bit.  And I think I’ve probably settled on Ambre #11.  I still need to get back to Reves.  Lots to do!


Happy weekend!


As July ends…

We’re enjoying some bouquets of very fragrant carnations and stock grown from seed; the carnations are especially nice, with more spicy scent than most varieties. They’re an heirloom type called “Enfant de Nice” from Renee’s seeds (I just added a link to Renee’s website in the garden link section of the blog). Her larkspur called “Alouette” have also been spectacular this year, very prolific in beautiful colors and wonderful as cut flowers, though not fragrant. Larkspur are an easier alternative to delphinium in our area.

I made some minor adjustments to Gardenia Musk today, decreasing the level of the new base notes I just added. I’m liking the extra oomph the additional ingredients have provided.

I tested Tom Ford’s Noir de Noir and liked it, though I think I liked Japan Noir better and will need to revisit it. The opening saffron notes in Noir de Noir were very nice and I liked the spiciness that lingered. When I tried the Japan Noir though, it seemed like a very nice soft spicy scent with an earthy woodsy base that really appealed to me. I need to try it again. The Noir de Noir seemed stronger, but I liked Japan better.

My main computer is running again, so that’s a relief. I can’t believe it is August 1st tomorrow!