Natural Gardenia

There’s a new natural gardenia product on the market that is an enfleurage of Gardenia fragrans, but it’s currently selling for $50 for 2 ml. It is made in Colombia and sold at I think we’ll see more progress in this area with other natural gardenia essences coming on the market (most you see now are synthetic or are blends of other flowers because natural gardenia essences have not been available).   I’ve not ordered from Enfleurage before so don’t have personal experience with them, but Luca Turin gave this new product a great review on his latest duftnote

Here’s more information about the Colombia enfleurage products, including gardenia, on Trygve Harris’ blog for the Enfleurage shop:

I’m almost caught up and should be able to squeeze in some work on Gardenia Musk and Reves this week.  My labels will be shipped tomorrow and will arrive next Monday (looking forward to them!).

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