Winter Woods

There’s a beautiful, poetic review of Winter Woods here:

I wasn’t sure when I named this fragrance if I should choose autumn or winter for the name because either could fit.  I went with winter because autumn gourmands make me think of spiced apple scents, and this isn’t a mulling spice type of gourmand. 

One interesting tidbit about Winter Woods is that the sweet gourmand character comes both from the gentle amber accord and from a musk that combines with the amber to enhance it.  I didn’t list musk as a note because it doesn’t read as a distinct element, but the sweet musk helps counter the woods without adding vanilla. The musk enhances the bit of vanilla in the amber accord and deepens it.  Some people say they smell rich Bourbon vanilla with the woods when they open the vial, and that’s why.  But a few people have been anosmic to that musk and the scent seems less gourmand and more strictly woodsy to them.  It’s good to test sniff before you buy (as I advise for all scents), but it can be addictive when it works for you.

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