New label design for 1 oz bottles

I’m changing the labels for the 1 oz bottles. As shown in this quick photo, they’re gold on black and slightly larger. I’m doing these myself until I have them printed. They look nice; they have a glossy background that holds up well and they’re printing very crisply, much better than they look in this uploaded photo. I don’t look forward to redoing the photos on the website, but I’ll update them when I can; I’ve been very consistent with my bottles over the years (I’ve had these 34 ml and 17 ml for quite a few years now), but I’ve changed the labels a few times. Only the labels for the 34 ml bottles will change; the labels for the 17 ml bottles will remain the same ivory color as before. Both designs coordinate with the boxes and the new design just reverses the color scheme with light on dark instead of vice versa.

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