Oakmoss Wednesday

I’m getting low on the older oakmoss, so tomorrow I need to run trials on the new moss in Fireside Intense to calibrate the right level.  Every time you switch suppliers you need to do this, so I try to stay with the same supplier as much as possible.  This low-atranol moss is worth the switch though.

I always keep a little “standard” vial of every ingredient (diluted to the level I use) in a library of “standards” so that each new batch that comes in can be tested against the original batch and I can adjust the dilution rate if needed to keep the final scent power per gram the same.  I also keep a library of “standards” for my perfumes and compare new batches with old to make sure they seem the same for quality control.  It’s hard when you use lots of naturals to keep everything identical each time, but always buying each natural item from the same supplier really helps, as long as their sources remain constant.

I’ve put the new labdanum into Rose Musc and while I was at it I softened the musk blend; I prefer this.  It’s quite similar but gentler now.  I’ll get it back on the site soon. 

I’m busy keeping up with orders and trying to finish Tabac and Gardenia.  I have a couple flowers on my little gardenia plant, so I’m sniffing them obsessively to memorize the scent, lol.  I got a pretty photo I can post of one bloom.

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