Mid-week Update

I increased the concentration of Cameo to give it more oomph, but that pushed the beta damascone level a bit higher than IFRA standard, so I need to adjust that ingredient downward if I keep this concentration. I’ll try that tomorrow. I really like this formula now though, so it is a matter of final tweaking.

I’ve been busy keeping up with orders the last few days so I haven’t had time to get back to gardenia, but I’d made more progress on it last week. Ambre Noir is back on the list with new moss, and I’ll do Fireside Intense next. I’m also waiting on feedback from the first few test sniffers on the new tabac option; I have a few more things I want to try with that too.

The sweet peas are still blooming and the star jasmine has joined in (photo of star jasmine above — you can see where it gets its name!). The lavender buds are starting to fatten up already. And although not fragrant, the achillea, feverfew, and geranium are putting on their show.

I have some fun new samples to try and can’t wait to sniff as soon as I’m not covered in testers!

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