My lavender is just at the tail end of its bloom, but there was a nice article in the New York Times today about the lavender fields you can tour here in Sonoma:

It’s a bit late for a lavender visit this year, but you can plan for next year if that interests you, and the article gives a few other ideas for places to visit.  The lavender at Matanzas Creek Winery is spectacular if you time your visit well — the article shows a gorgeous photo of Matanzas.

I grow mostly the Provence and Grosso varieties, but there are many varieties to choose from.  I use lavender absolute in perfume rather than lavender essential oil because I think it smells less medicinal and has better lasting power.  The absolutes I’ve used are from Bulgaria and France though, not from Sonoma.  🙂

If you visit to see the lavender, another stop you can make is to see the Bulgarian rose fields in bloom at Russian River Rose Company. You can take the official tour and see how they distill the roses, or you can go on one of their open house weekends and just wander the fields yourself.

4 thoughts on “Lavender!

  1. Yep! 🙂 Spring and fall are both wonderful here. Fall is beautiful when the daytime temps are a bit gentler, the afternoon light is exquisite, and the vineyards turn color.

    I was worried that NYT article might cause some people disappointment if they come now because the lavender was at its peak a number of weeks ago and won’t be very impressive by now…

  2. Hi Laurie,
    I’ve been to the Napa/Sonoma regions 2x in the ’90s. They are simply beautiful and I envy you for living in such a wonderful place. This is one of the areas I’m hoping to explore more in the future when my little boy is older and able to appreciate the beauty of nature. I need to spend more time in Sonoma County – Napa Vally, towards the late ’90s was getting way too touristy.

  3. Hi Ann,
    Sonoma County has become busier too over the years, but still much quieter than Napa County. One thing that’s fun for nature lovers here is that we have such varied environments all within a short drive, from the oak grasslands inland to the redwood groves near the coast, and then the beach and ocean. Bet you have some great finds near you too though for getting out into nature!

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