Missing my sniffing!

I thought I’d be back to normal sniffing capacity by this weekend, but I’m still stuffy enough to have to put off the blending and evaluating work for now. This cold isn’t very bad but it’s just lingering enough to be annoying, especially since I depend on having a clear nose. I’m really spoiled though because I never have sinus or allergy issues and rarely get sick (this is my first cold in years). I’ll just need to be patient a bit longer. In addition to my own blending trials that await evaluation, I received some fun samples to test and can’t wait to try them.

I’m keeping up with orders (Tabac Aurea, Winter Woods, and Fireside Intense are keeping me busy!) and made some progress on the bottle issues. I have some new bottle samples coming and will see if anything looks like an improvement. If so, I can post photos for comments. I also need to finish new batches of a couple things that I’m low on, and then get a new batch of Ambre Noir back on the site. I’ll post here when the Ambre is ready to go.

Gray and drizzly here today. The paperwhites are just starting to bloom though. They come back each year and just one is enough to scent a whole room — powerful little flowers!

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