Scent Update

I’m just about totally over my cold and am able to sniff and evaluate again today, and that feels great. I made a batch of Ambre Noir a few days ago and if all goes well I’ll filter that tomorrow and put it back on the site (the original formula). I’m working on a different ambery scent to highlight the new cistus, but I won’t change Ambre Noir at this time. When I first received the cistus I thought it might make a nice addition to Ambre Noir, but after experimenting I decided it was getting too far afield and would be better as a new scent.

I’m getting good feedback on the ET trial reformulation version and am just waiting to hear from the rest of the testers. I’m still trying a few more tweaks for my own curiosity, but so far I’m liking the formula best as it is. Although the reformulation is quite different from the original, I’d like to leave the name the same because I can’t do the original version anymore (since I have to change the moss and labdanum) and because the scent still does feature frankincense as the main note with a base rich in sandalwood and labdanum/cistus.

I’ll get back to Bouquet Blanche as soon as I can. Very happy to have clear sniffing again!

2 thoughts on “Scent Update

  1. Hi Laurie!

    Glad you’re feeling better. I received my samples today, thank you so much for the extras. So excited to try all of them. Right now I’m wearing Winter woods. It’s just lovely!

    Thank you!


  2. Hi Emma,

    Glad your samples arrived safely and you’re enjoying them! Now that the holidays are over most packages are zipping to their international destinations in good time again. I love Winter Woods this time of year. Glad you like it! Happy sniffing and thanks for stopping by!


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