Reviews on The Lip Print Blog, and a dark rose favorite

Stefanie in Australia has posted a couple of nice SSS reviews on her Lip Print Blog: one post on the Sonoma Scent Studio brand in general, and one post on Opal and Vintage Rose. Stefanie’s site is a popular beauty blog that covers beauty products and fragrance. Thanks so much Stefanie — I appreciate being included on your blog!

Also, the blog that recently reviewed Jour Ensoleille has a new review that caught my eye because it’s about one of my favorite rose scents. See Suzanne’s beautiful review of L’Arte di Gucci, a gorgeous discontinued dark rose (samples and bottles can still be found, as Suzanne explains). I was really happy to hear back from a couple people who sampled Jour after seeing Suzanne’s review and said that they loved it.

I’m getting good feedback on the ET tester that went out. The no tonka version is the unanimous favorite so far between the two I sent, and I agree because the one with the little bit of tonka added seems to damp the incense too much. I’ll wait to hear from the other testers while I keep working on BB, the white floral. I made good progress on BB yesterday and just need to adjust the balance of a few things, and then I should have a tester to send out for this scent too. BB has been a long time in the making so it’ll be fun to get a tester out to see how it does on other people’s skins.

Happy 6th Anniversary to SSS!

The month of February is the anniversary of the Sonoma Scent Studio website — we’ve been online for 6 years now. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with many wonderful people over those years and have enjoyed the way the site connects me to fragrance lovers all over the world. I have been trying to grow the line into a collection of fragrances that are the best I can produce, with interesting, beautiful ingredients sourced from an ever-expanding list of supplier companies. I love the way that being a small indie company keeps me in contact with customers and allows me to offer them personal attention, and I appreciate that the internet (plus our mail service!) allows us to connect even over long distances. Lots more to do on my agenda, but I’m making steady progress.

I’d like to do a little sample give-away on the blog to celebrate our anniversary, but I thought it’d be fun to wait until ET is ready and offer ET samples in the drawing. I know I can’t send testers out to everyone who wants one, so I thought a drawing would give a few more people a chance for a freebie sample even if they’ve not been involved in testing. And ET will of course be available for purchasing samples on the website as soon as it is ready. I’ll wait a bit longer to do the drawing in hopes that ET is done (I’m just waiting for tester feedback now). If it takes too long I could do a drawing for a free choice of samples to the winners and do another later for ET. At any rate, I wanted to acknowledge the anniversary month before it is over!

I have more ET testers to send but am holding off a few days in case I have BB testers soon too. I’m working on BB a little bit each day.

Back to white florals — progress!

I went back to Bouquet Blanche today and made the changes I’ve had in mind for weeks. It went well and should be close to ready for testing. I’ll wear it tomorrow again to see. I have a few other tweaks I could try, but it’s smelling very nice to me this evening. My challenge has been to make the base interesting enough to carry on after the first few hours as the florals soften, but yet make the base light enough to let the florals shine during those first few hours. I think I’m getting that balance now. I’m also concerned about sweetness level but think it may be just in bounds. Another goal was to minimize musk and I’ve done that here (just a soft touch of cosmone musk). I hope to also do a traditional gardenia musk scent for summer, but that’s not what this will be.

I’m going to wait to send out more ET testers because I may have BB testers soon to go with the ET.

I’m also testing some new ingredient samples and that’s one of the most fun aspects of this work. It’s always exciting to think about what new things they’ll let me do.

It’s been raining all day today. My plum tree is just opening buds and I hope they don’t all get washed away…

Encens Tranquille update

I went back to the previous popular mod of ET and decreased the musk a tad and added elemi, then I added vanilla absolute to the ET formula and eliminated the ethyl vanillin completely. I like this mod better with just natural vanilla because it adds some woodsy nuances and does not have that powdery aspect that vanillin has. I like what this change has done to the drydown.

I’m sending out two testers tomorrow to a couple people — the sample mods are identical except that one has just a tiny trace of tonka with the vanilla and the other does not. After choosing between these and possibly adjusting if needed, I can send a tester to more of the people who have test sniffed this.

I wore the no tonka version this weekend and liked it — the drydown is dry incense and sandalwood with just a bit of softening from the light vanilla. I think the cistus level is right now, and hopefully the musk level will be about right for most people (it’s pretty soft now). ET is very high in naturals and I wanted it to smell that way, so softening the musk and switching to all-natural vanilla helps meet that goal. The notes are frankincense, myrrh, elemi, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, orris, labdanum, cistus, oakmoss, guaiacwood, angelica root, vanilla, and musk. I’ll take a few days off from sniffing it and test again, but I’m hoping this may be it.

My new 1 oz bottles will ship on March 1st and will arrive around March 21/22. I’ve not imported anything by sea before, so this is a new experience. Customs forms and procedures are a bit daunting (I usually import ingredients via FedEx and they make it easy). It will be great to have these bottles though. I’ll post pictures when they come, and I’ll update all the photos on the website, which will be a big job. I’m just now getting back to work on Bouquet Blanche and want to finish it before spring.

The daffodils from the garden are still a treat, and the plum tree is just starting to open its buds. Still feels wintery, but the garden is waking up. It’s been fun to watch some of the winter Olympics in the evening — I enjoyed the men’s skating finals a few nights ago.

New Review of Jour Ensoleille

Jour Ensoleille is featured today in a beautiful review on the blog EiderdownPress. Thanks so much, Suzanne! It’s very rewarding when my fragrance compositions bring images alive for other people. And as perfume blog readers, we all enjoy sharing the excitement of a new scent discovery. I think you’ll find lots more reviews of interest on Eiderdown Press too. The site has a blog with perfume reviews as well as a store with several books and a selection of perfume decants.

Good news on a beautiful sunny day

Received news this morning that my new bottles are done in production and the order is ready to ship. It’ll take a few days to complete the customs forms and then three weeks by ship. Hope it all goes well!

Lots of orders shipped today. It has been a busy couple of days, as expected after being closed for a week and a half. The new label system is a big help though — I’m so glad I was able to complete that little project before putting the cart back up.

I’ve been testing ET and have one that I like the best. I took today off from sniffing it so that I could sniff with a fresh nose in a day or two.

I have a couple of daffodils in my room tonight that I snipped today. I like that funny little scent they have, so associated with spring for me. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day, and cart is up

Happy Valentine’s Day! The shopping cart went back up early this morning. I’m testing the two final variations on ET to decide between them (just a very subtle difference). I may send these to a couple testers to help me decide, but I’ll wear them the next few days first because I usually develop a preference after several days of wear. Monday is a mail holiday so orders won’t start to ship until Tuesday. I’ll have an assistant coming part-time this week to help put orders together and that will be wonderful.

We are socked in with fog this morning but it should be nice later today. We’re getting a few days of sunshine after a lot of rain, and it’s great to see the blue sky. The first daffodils are blooming and look very cheerful.

Sending best wishes for a great holiday weekend and a happy Valentine’s day!

The best laid plans…

I had a few things go wrong today that slowed me down, so the cart will be delayed a day or two, but will be up this weekend. I’m switching the bottle labels over to a new system that will save a lot of time once it is done, and it’ll be a few more hours of work to finish the conversion. The labels will look the same but will be much faster to produce on my special label printer. I still have a few more scents to filter as well.

I can probably put sample orders back up Friday and then the bottles and lotions this weekend.

I’ll get back to work… I’ll have some help tomorrow too, which will be great! Thanks for your patience…

Schedule Update

I plan to put the shopping cart back up Thursday (tomorrrow), probably in the late afternoon. I still have many things to do, but I did acomplish a lot over the last week and really needed that opportunity. I made good progress on taxes but am not quite done yet.

I’m now restocking things that are low. Opal will be out-of-stock when I put the cart up, but I have a new scent to add to the lotion list and later in edp too: Amberwood. It is a woodsy amber with sandalwood, a more traditional amber than Ambre Noir. I’m starting with lotion for this scent because I want to take time to send a few testers of the edp out before adding the edp to the site, but it seems like a yummy addition to me. In lotion form it could make a great layering option. Encens Tranquille is not ready to add back to the list yet but is coming soon. I’ll go ahead and open though and Encens will be top of the priority list.