Reviews on The Lip Print Blog, and a dark rose favorite

Stefanie in Australia has posted a couple of nice SSS reviews on her Lip Print Blog: one post on the Sonoma Scent Studio brand in general, and one post on Opal and Vintage Rose. Stefanie’s site is a popular beauty blog that covers beauty products and fragrance. Thanks so much Stefanie — I appreciate being included on your blog!

Also, the blog that recently reviewed Jour Ensoleille has a new review that caught my eye because it’s about one of my favorite rose scents. See Suzanne’s beautiful review of L’Arte di Gucci, a gorgeous discontinued dark rose (samples and bottles can still be found, as Suzanne explains). I was really happy to hear back from a couple people who sampled Jour after seeing Suzanne’s review and said that they loved it.

I’m getting good feedback on the ET tester that went out. The no tonka version is the unanimous favorite so far between the two I sent, and I agree because the one with the little bit of tonka added seems to damp the incense too much. I’ll wait to hear from the other testers while I keep working on BB, the white floral. I made good progress on BB yesterday and just need to adjust the balance of a few things, and then I should have a tester to send out for this scent too. BB has been a long time in the making so it’ll be fun to get a tester out to see how it does on other people’s skins.

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