A Note on Ingredient Restrictions and Link to Recent Articles

Tony Burford of Cropwatch gave a PowerPoint presention titled “Is excessive regulation destroying the perfumery art?” to the British Society of Perfumers at the Safety and Regulatory symposium on March 11, 2010. This link lets you download the presentation, but it’s only viewable if you have MS Office PowerPoint.  If (like me) you don’t have PowerPoint, you can view the summary by Anya McCoy of the Natural Perfumer’s Guild in her blog post here. It’s dense reading but gives you an idea of the arbitrary decisions involved in setting these standards. It is also a reference to bookmark if you want to return to look up questions you have about restrictions on ingredients. Anya gives the link to Cropwatch and provides references. I’ve not followed all the Cropwatch news over the years because it is hard to keep up, but they have been involved in this issue long before it became a popular blog topic.

Octavian also recently blogged about this topic and gave a link to an interesting article on the Beyond Beauty Blog about perfumery ingredients in two parts, part 1 and part 2. This article is partly about the new technologies for producing ingredients that have been developed in response to restrictions.

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