Frangipani testing, and VdV review

I’ve been testing two new frangipani absolutes and the differences between them are interesting. One is plumaria rubra that is likely the type called Celadine, and another is plumaria alba that is made mostly from the type called Singapore. Both are strong and heady, but the rubra is sweeter and more floral. The alba has more green notes and is less sweet. I’ve never smelled a frangipani absolute quite like the rubra before, but it is very pretty with aspects of orange blossom/neroli, gardenia/jasmine, and tuberose. Plumaria flowers are often used in leis in Hawaii and their fragrance is wonderful. The absolutes don’t smell exactly like the flower, of course, but the absolutes are beautiful too. I’m trying some of the frangipani in BB to see what it might be like in it.

A review of Voile de Violette was just brought to my attention on the blog called hortus conclusus. This is a great time of year to try VdV if you like violet notes. I enjoy it in spring. Thanks for the very nice review, Sarah!

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