New Review of Incense Pure

Yesterday a new review of Incense Pure was posted on the Il Mondo di Odore blog. Thanks AromiErotici! Glad you liked it! 🙂

On the incense topic, I received a new olibanum sample and am testing it. This one is a traditional essential oil rather then a CO2 like the one I use in Incense Pure. The lemony citric top notes seem more prominent in the EO and the top seems smoother, but the drydown of the CO2 seems nicer and longer lasting. I need to do a side by side comparison to be sure those initial impressions are accurate.

checking in…

I’v been skin testing my last Bouquet Blanc mod and am pleased with it. I think I can send some testers out soon. I’m trying a couple little variatons but the overall balance seems good. Maybe it’ll come out in time for Australian spring, lol.

I tried a sample of the new Tauer LOTV and like it — the LOTV note is not at all the harsh chemical type and the base has nice soft amber and woods notes with a touch of leather.  It’s an interesting green floral with a soft amber/woods base that is totally different from classic LOTV scents like Diorissimo but is instead a different take on the theme.  I’ll be curious to hear how it does for others.  (Edited to add: It’s scarily strong when you open the vial and a drop will do you. My whole sample bag smells of it even though I got four other samples in that bag as well. Potent. )

I’m resting my wrists and it’ll be a while longer. Making progress but I pushed them too far to have a quick recovery this time. Frustrating but just the way it goes sometimes. I’ve been cleaning up my workspaces and putting the time to good use. Will be nice to be more organized.  I’ll report back on BB, and I’ll get back to Opal too.

2.5 ml sample sprays now available

The new 2.5 ml mini sprays are now available as singles on the Samples page and in boxed sets of five on the Gifts page. You can also get empties for decanting. The boxed sets of five SSS scents can be any scents of your choice. The sprayers are glass with metal screw tops and plastic overcaps.

For decanting, you can fill these with 2 to 2.5 ml. They hold 2.5 ml when filled just below the top with a little bit of air bubble room (be sure to leave a little room so they don’t overflow when you insert the sprayer).

Anything liquid, flammable, or slithery?

My Dad was in line at the PO for me recently to mail some international sample packages, and the guy ahead of him tried to mail a live snake! A python, no less. Makes mailing perfume look tame, lol. 🙂 Luckily for the poor snake, they did not let him mail it.

I’m taking a break from mixing batches of scents to give my wrists a rest but am taking care of lots of little things. The new sample spray vials are ready to add to the site and I’ll do that within the next day.

Here’s a link to a nice review of Ambre Noir that talks about the way we associate music with scent. I catch myself sometimes thinking I have to “listen to that part again” when I’m formulating and need to put on a fresh dab to revisit the top or heart notes.

Also, there’s a great drawing going on at the new blog by perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurowitz. You might throw your name in the hat. Her blog looks like a fun read!

A break…

In order to work on a number of things, including the new bottles and the blending I should be doing on Bouquet Blanc and Opal, I’m taking the cart buttons down temporarily for the bottle sizes. I’ll leave the samples up for sale and I’ll add the 2 ml sample spray vials, both empty and full, because I know some people will be anxious to get those.

One issue contributing to this break: I have trouble with tendinosis in my wrists and periodically need a rest for them, and I’ve hit one of those stages now. This is just something I have to work around and is one reason progress goes a little slower for me than for others. I’m working without a partner or full-time help, and my wrists slow me down too. It’ll give me a push to get back to the new scents though because formulating is something I can do while I give my wrists a little recovery time. I do have a wonderful part-time helper a few hours twice week and she can help me keep the sample orders going.

For tonight I just disabled the cart, but I will fix things better and make the new samples available. I’m really sorry for this inconvenience, but it’s something I need to do.

Two ml spray samples coming

My new refillable 2 ml spray vials just came, and I’ll add them to the site when I can. They are cute little glass vials with metal screw-on tops that are easy to take on and off. They screw tight and spray a nice fine spray. They even have little optional plastic overcaps. I’ll be offering them both filled with SSS samples and empty as an accessory added to the Samples/Accessories page. I’ve not seen these offered anywhere so thought they might be useful for your decanting. I’ve had a lot of requests for spray samples over the years and finally found some I like!

Edited to add: I’ll continue to offer our standard dab vial samples because they are the most economical way to test a large number of scents. The sprays will just add another option.

A couple new reviews

There’s a review of Vintage Rose along with reviews of fourteen other rose scents in the most recent On the Scent column, titled A-Dozen + Roses, by Elisa Gabbert. Thanks Elisa! Blog readers know I have a soft spot for rose scents.

There’s also a review of Champagne de Bois on the Il Mondo de Odore blog. Glad you liked it Aromi!

And my latest eagerly awaited new release is the upcoming L’Artisan Couer de Vetiver Sacre. Sounds good. 🙂

Another tidbit on scent perception differences between people — “Every Human May Have A Unique Nose”

A few weeks ago, Robin on Now Smell This posted a link to a series of videos for a symposium called Headspace that covered topics on “Scent As Design.” I played the videos in the background while I worked on something else, and I found part of one of the four to be interesting enough to go back and watch in more detail. The one that caught my attention was a presentation by Leslie Vosshall about the way people smell the same scent differently. I’ve talked about this phenomenon on the blog a number of times, so it was interesting to see that some researchers are currently looking into it. For those who are curious, the link is symposium part 3, and this topic starts at about the 25 minute mark.

Researchers at Rockefeller University studied how people perceived different odors and took blood samples from the subjects to study their DNA. The researchers found that each person had a different set of odor receptors that were functional and nonfunctional, and those differences seemed to make people perceive the odors differently. The title for that slide during the lecture was “Every Human May Have A Unique Nose.” The topic came up again at the 1 hour and 4 minute mark when they compared having nonfunctional odor receptors to being color blind but with much more subtle results since there are so many more odor receptors than color receptors, which means that losing a few makes less impact on your life for smells than for colors.

Leslie Vosshall also mentioned that they found a core set of odor receptors that almost everyone had, and vanilla was one of those with only 5 percent having nonfunctional vanilla reception. That does not surprise me since I’ve yet to find someone anosmic to vanilla, while I’ve found people anosmic to many other things. As a perfumer this makes me feel it is “safer” to use vanilla as a sweetener than to use musk, and I’m more aware of this issue now than I was several years ago. It may also help explain why vanillic bases are so popular — not only are they long-lasting, but they are also more likely to be smelled by nearly everyone.

Friday Random Thoughts

Hope it’s a great holiday weekend for everyone! Sunday is supposed to be very hot here — around 100 degrees.

For locals, there’s a 25% off sale this weekend at Cottage Gardens of Petaluma, a nursery with an awesome selection of perennials and grasses. It’s a fun place to browse.

I updated the header on my website to make some improvements. I need to start switching the photos for some of the scents over to the new bottles.

I’ve not been able to do any scent blending in the last week, but I tested a rose CO2 oil that’s very nice. I love the rose absolute that I have, but the CO2 is tempting to add. The combination of the CO2 with the absolute might be beautiful since the absolute lasts a little longer on skin but the CO2 adds some topnote qualities that are different. I’m looking forward to playing with it.

I had a chance to try three of the Xerjoff scents that people have been discussing lately on blogs. I tried Ibitira, Uden, and Oesel, and the pretty iris-based floral Ibitira was easily my favorite. I think it is intended to be unisex because it’s great on a woman but should appeal to men as well since it is not overly sweet or powdery. I’ll have to compare it side by side with Divine L’Homme de Coeur, which is one of my favorite shared iris scents. Ibitira has rose and jasmine as well as iris, but it’s not a heady floral blend at all, and it is grounded with a soft mix of cedar, musk, and vetiver. Uden and Oesel did not work so well for me though. Both were sweeter than I like — Uden went a bit cocoa-like on my skin, and the honeyed acacia richness of Oesel didn’t quite work for me. They do seem like well-made scents, but the prices are high. Ibitira was very pretty to me though and I need to try my tiny sample again.

Happy holiday weekend!