Quick Update and a Couple Links

We’re working down the 34 ml bottle list and sending out the link to people as we go. If you think I missed you feel free to holler, but I’ll be sure to take care of everyone before we’re done.

There’s a nice review of Champagne de Bois today on the blog Muse in Wooden Shoes. Thanks Carol! I do love Chanel Bois des Iles!

I’m working on the tweak to Reves (almost done) and the new cool season scent (needs a name). I’m excited about the new one — it’s turning out really well and coming along quickly.

Here’s a link to a funny video of Katie Puckrik’s review of Secretions Magnifiques; what I love about this is how strong and tough she is, lol. She dabs on a whole bunch of it, which is very brave, and then sniffs it repeatedly with combined horror and investigative curiosity. I’ve never smelled it so can’t comment on it, but I love her reaction.

Happy first day of fall!

Blog Drawing Closed

I’ll take the last entries that came in today for the offering of 34 ml orginal style bottles at $55 and will close the draw. If each person takes one 34 ml bottle, all 30 available bottles are taken as follows:

Ines- IP
Dionne- IP
Kjanicki- WW
Stacey- WW
Ann S- RM
Kim P- TA (or WW or IP)
Kathie- IP
Rita Ritter- TA
Tania- TA
Beth- RM
Debby- WW
Janice- TA
Sheryl- IP
Julie- WW
Katie- IP
Malsnano86- TA
Divinemama- WW
Charlotte- IP
Tsetse- TA
Dan- IP
Ross M- TA
Gary Taylor- TA
Tara- WW
Anne- TA
Laura C- IP
Ola- TA
Monica IP
Petra IP
Bellatrix TA
Kristen TA

I’ll also offer four of the new style at the $55 price and would like to offer those to the first four people who posted and that want a second. So if Ines, Dionne, Kjanicki, or Stacey want a second bottle just let me know here or via email to info@sonomascentstudio.com. I’ll keep working down the list until the four new style are taken (it’s fine if you just want one bottle though!).

! l’ll finalize this over the next few days and will then give a link for ordering. Thanks for joining in!

Adding: We’ll take 5-6 orders at a time and work our way down the list. The first 6 can email me and I’ll send you a link to order. Thanks!

Also adding that it’s fine if anyone wants to do a sample order first to make decisions. We’ll hold your 34 ml bottle for you until you decide.

Blog Offering For Old Style 34 ml Boutique Collection

I’ve been thinking about a strategy for selling the small number of remaining old style 34 ml bottles at the old price, and I’d like to work it into a blog drawing since I don’t have enough bottles to accommodate all the orders that would likely come in. I counted and only have 30 empty old style bottles left. If I put those up on the site, I’m afraid they’d be gone within an hour or two. It might be better to hold a drawing to give more people a chance. If it looks like there is a lot of interest, I could add 10 of the new bottles to give a total of 40 bottles at the old price, but let’s see how it goes.

I’m thinking people could post below and list one to three scents each that they’d like to order in the 34 ml old style. The choices are the Boutique scents: Incense Pure, Winter Woods, Tabac Aurea, and Rose Musc. We’ll make it simple and make it $55 for each of those. Then I’ll draw winners using random.org until all the bottles are gone. The winners of the drawing will be able to choose other items in any scents to add to their orders (1 ml and 2.5 ml samples, 5 ml purse sprays, 17 ml bottles). I’ll work through all these orders before opening the cart again. This will help take care of some of the pent-up orders and will make reopening less hectic. It will also finish the old bottle issue so that people will know how to plan future orders.

If this sounds like a good idea, you can post your entry into the drawing below and say which old style 34 ml $55 bottles you’re interested in (one, two, or three). If you have questions or suggestions you can post and we could fine-tune the plan before beginning; I could start a new post for the actual sign-up if needed. It will be a while longer before I can open, but I thought this would be a way I could distribute these remaining bottles and give people a chance at lower prices. I’m not sure how many bottles will be requested, so I’m testing the waters here. 🙂 I’ll leave the drawing open for about a week before picking the numbers. Meantime I’m open to suggestions, such as whether you prefer more winners with a limit of 2 bottles each or fewer winners with up to 3 bottles each.

I will also hold some drawings for free new style 34 ml bottles in the future when I introduce new scents. It will be a fun way to celebrate the new bottles and new releases. (It won’t be 30 to 40 bottles though — as much as I’d love to do that, I couldn’t afford to give away that many for free.)

I’ll try not to comment much below except to answer questions. lt will probably take me a week or two to work through the orders after the winners are picked since I’m not back to full speed with my wrists yet, but taking these special orders first will work much better for me. It should be fine as long as folks who sign up know the turn-around time won’t be quite as speedy as my usual.

Fun Vintage Find

My SIL went to an estate sale with a friend and found this vintage Piguet sample set dated 1964, practically free. I’ve always loved Fracas parfum (but not the edt). I’ve tried the remakes of Visa and Baghari and didn’t fall for either one, but I’ll enjoy trying the originals. I tried the Calypso vintage sample in this set and it’s lovely. The remake is just out now so I’ll have to get a sample to compare. Here’s a review of Calypso on Perfumeshrine.

The flyer with the set is fun too. It notes that Bandit is “No perfume for a child!” lol. Also says Fracas is “the woman you want to be” and Baghari “puts the purr in perfume.” Although dated, it’s tame compared to current ad copy. Also love those 1964 prices.

Hope you’re having a great labor day weekend! I’m enjoying a visit with my brother and his family. The girls are back in school — summer goes so quickly!

Midweek update and link to drawing

You can enter a drawing for ten samples from Indie Scents today on the PerfumeSmellinthings blog; three winners will each receive ten samples. The blog also has quick sniff reviews of seven perfumes sold at Indie Scents, and SSS Rose Musc got a nice little mention.

The topic for the day on their blog is scents that are a good value, and they also have a coupon code for Indie Scents. Combined with free shipping on orders $75 or more, that may be tempting if you see something there.

I have a mod for Bouquet Blanc that I like and will send out a few testers to see if others like it too. If so, I’ll send out a few more. Also have a mod for a tweak to Lieu de Reves and need to make testers. Very close on both those formulas now!