Quick Update and a Couple Links

We’re working down the 34 ml bottle list and sending out the link to people as we go. If you think I missed you feel free to holler, but I’ll be sure to take care of everyone before we’re done.

There’s a nice review of Champagne de Bois today on the blog Muse in Wooden Shoes. Thanks Carol! I do love Chanel Bois des Iles!

I’m working on the tweak to Reves (almost done) and the new cool season scent (needs a name). I’m excited about the new one — it’s turning out really well and coming along quickly.

Here’s a link to a funny video of Katie Puckrik’s review of Secretions Magnifiques; what I love about this is how strong and tough she is, lol. She dabs on a whole bunch of it, which is very brave, and then sniffs it repeatedly with combined horror and investigative curiosity. I’ve never smelled it so can’t comment on it, but I love her reaction.

Happy first day of fall!

11 thoughts on “Quick Update and a Couple Links

  1. i saw the video of Katie and her sniff test of Secretions Magnifiques. it was a total hoot!!!!!! i am so glad i never had to sniff test it myself. it sounds grotesque!!!! but she was, certainly, very very brave. i salute her.

  2. I have sniffed Secretions Magnifiques and it made my head jerk back in disgust. Consider yourself lucky that you haven’t smelled it! 🙂

  3. Hi Laurie,

    I saw Katie Puckrik’s review too, and loved it. I couldn’t believe how much she was putting on her arm! Eww! I’m afraid to even test it.

    Can you give us any hints about your new fall fragrance? I’m definitely intrigued!

    Ann C

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