Quick update

I’m waiting for more feedback on the testers I sent out, but so far reactions to the classic inspired scent are quite good. A few months ago I mentioned a new amber scent I was working on, and that seems ready for the first round of testing too. I’m trying to keep the progress going on those two formulas and Reves2. I should have time for a better update this weekend.

Thanks, Ines, for the follow-up review of Winter Woods after including it in the 2010 holiday gift guide!

Ines also reviews Boxeuses, and I’ll be curious to try that one myself. It sounds promising from the notes but is hard to tell until sniffing (I’ve read mixed reviews).

6 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. That is great news on the two new scents. πŸ™‚ I loved the tester you sent me of the first one.

    I have a decant of Boxeuses, it is much more subtle and heavier on the violet notes than I had expected. It is very easy to wear and I look forward to getting a full bottle at xmas.

    • Hi Tara, thanks, that’s interesting about Boxeuses. I’m expecting a little decant in the mail, but it’s taking a long time. Looking forward to sniffing.

      One ingredient I need for these new scents is not shipping out to me until 12/8, but I have enough to keep working on the formulas.

  2. Dear Laurie,

    I have tried some samples through TPC and must say love your beautiful fragrances – Tabac aurea, Fireside Intense, Champagne de Bois, Wood Violet, and Sienna Musk. I gather some of these cannot be ordered as you do not have bottles? I live in Sydney, Australia, and am wondering if you can please let me know which ones can be ordered and which would be available as purse sprays, I am interested in samples too and shipping costs.

    Look forward to hearing from you,


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