Weekend update

Incense Pure received a nice mention today in Victoria’s Bois de Jasmin blog. Thanks Victoria! The post is about suggestions for reasonably priced perfume finds.

I wanted to mention that I plan to put Velvet Rose and Vintage Rose into the Exclusives rotation for a while before Valentine’s Day since roses are traditional favorites this time of year. I’ll also be adding a new flavor or two to the body silk lotion offerings.

We’ve had two weeks of spring-like weather and it’s been so nice to enjoy the sun after all the rain we had. Back to drizzle today but I feel ready for it now. Know many of you have had very heavy snowstorms. Can’t believe it’s almost February.

Also wanted to say thanks for the great ideas for recycled peanut sources. I’ve already found a couple locals with large bags of them via craig’s list, so that discussion we had here was helpful.

Change to blog feed

I have changed the blog feed over to my new email address (the msn address rather than the cds address) so you may need to resubscribe if you get the blog via email. You can find a link to subscribe just to the right in the blog’s sidebar area at the top. After you sign up, you’ll be sent an email to click on a link to confirm. Then you’ll receive a single email with each blog post so you don’t have to remember to check back. I’m sorry for the inconvenience of the email change.

This email change actually stems from a good thing. I have just started a new internet service through AT&T’s 3G network via a portable little hotspot device from Best Buy. Up until recently, our remote area had no internet other than dial-up, Hughes satellite, or a small wireless company that I’ve been using. We have no dsl or cable here. The wireless is from a nearby mountain that has problems with snow and ice each winter, and even when it is up it has been too slow for me to play a you-tube video, stream music, or do anything requiring a faster connection (I have had to download you-tube videos to play them from my hard drive rather than streaming them). The new little 3G Mifi hotspot is working great so far and I recommend it to anyone else in a remote area suffering with internet problems. Dsl and cable are still better, but if you don’t have those options this is great. I’m a happy camper so far.

Lieu de Reves, Egyptian Musk, and Sienna Musk

I’m putting bottle sizes for Lieu de Reves, Egyptian Musk, and Sienna Musk up for a few weeks as part of the current rotation plan for the Exclusives until I can put the whole menu up again. I know quite a few people are waiting for Champagne so I’ll try to get to that one too, but I want to be sure to be ready first. Egyptian Musk won’t be available in oil until I resolve a problem with the label stock for the oil roll-ons, but it is available in spray or splash alcohol-based perfume. I’ll continue to leave Fireside Intense up a bit longer too.

A couple links of interest

Thanks to Nathan Branch for mentioning this link to an article about how we perceive the same scents very differently. We’ve talked about that phenomenon on this blog before and I always find it an interesting topic.

Another recent interesting read can be found in this post by Victoria on the Bois de Jasmin blog about the difficulties of categorizing notes as top, middle, and base. This is one reason I have always just listed the notes for my scents without subdividing them into categories. I tend to think of them as grouped into accords rather than as top, middle and base.

I’m working on the new scents again and am very glad to be back to it. Will have some updates on them soon.

Recycling idea

For the first time ever, I’m low on packing peanuts for shipping; I have always saved and re-used the peanuts that come in my boxes of incoming ingredient and supply orders, so I’ve never had to buy any before. I like to keep these in use and hope the people who receive them re-use them too. I’ve been saving these for years, but I’ve been using them at a faster rate in recent years, partly because I had to switch to larger shipping boxes for the new boxes/bottles. I hate to buy new peanuts, even the new biodegradable type. I’ll look into various options, but it’s tough to keep shipping prices reasonable when postage and packing costs keep increasing.

I had an idea that might be fun for local customers, would help me, and would be good for the environment. I’m wondering if any locals might want to save their packing peanuts the way I do in big trash bags and then stop by and trade them in for free samples. Maybe four samples per big bag of peanuts or something like that. They could sniff the tester bottles while here too, to make the jaunt worthwhile. (The peanuts would have to be scent-free, but could be any color or type.) Just a thought I’ll consider. Meantime, I’ll check into the options for various packing materials…

of tabac, horses, and hay…

There’s an evocative description of Tabac Aurea on the
Beauty on The Outside blog. Thanks Dee! And I love the photo of her horse on the July 13 post. That photo takes me back to my childhood riding days too. I can relate to the love of hay notes in scents. I just tried Mandy Aftel’s solid Wildflowers perfume and it has a delicious honeyed hay note that really does conjure images of a sunny field for me. Very nice, and good lasting power too.

We have some sunshine today and it’s so cheering to see. Happy weekend!

Last Femme Jolie bottles

I have 7 remaining bottles of Femme Jolie, all 17 ml. Let’s start a list here of who would like one — they are $23. If we have more than seven people we can do a draw, but seven bottles may be enough to go around. I’ll put Tiara at the top of the list. You can get anything else you want at the same time to make shipping worthwhile (boutique or exclusives). If you’d rather have me put your name on a bottle and hold it until one of the new scents is ready I can do that, but it will likely be a couple months. On the other hand, if you’ve been wanting some FJ now we can ship it on out. It’s nice during the cooler months so I thought this was a good time to take care of this project.

Femme Jolie update

I took samples of Femme Jolie off the list a month or so ago because I am down to the last few bottles and didn’t think it was fair to sell samples when not everyone would be able to buy a bottle if they liked it. I’m thinking of doing a blog drawing for buying the remaining bottles. I won’t be able to make more once this batch is gone; I would have to reformulate it and would rather let it go for now and keep working on the new scents instead. I think I’ll pour the remainder into 17 ml bottles to determine exactly how many are left and then just offer that size (rather than the 34 ml) to maximize the number of bottles I can distribute.

I just thought I’d give a heads up here to let blog readers know to keep an eye out for the blog draw if Femme Jolie is on your wish list. Since I have a very limited number left, a drawing seemed like a fair way to determine who buys these, but I’m open to suggestions. My shopping cart does not have inventory control counting, so I can’t tell it to say “sold out” after selling some number of items as you can do with etsy or ebay. I’ll have to look into a solution for that issue if I do some limited editions in the future.

Email change

My cds email has been down all day; I am giving up on it because it has been down too frequently. I will only be using my hotmail and my info@sonomascentstudio.com accounts in the future. Please make a note of this if you usually contact me via my cds1.net address. Thank you!

Luckily the other two accounts are reliable. If you emailed me at cdsl.net in the last 24 hours you might want to resend to one of the other two accounts. The cds server is supposed to be up by tomorrow so hopefully I can retrieve those emails, but then I’ll wean off that account.

The new year got off to a busy start with lots of orders over the weekend. I did get to see my brother and family for new year’s weekend and erijoyed that very much.