of tabac, horses, and hay…

There’s an evocative description of Tabac Aurea on the
Beauty on The Outside blog. Thanks Dee! And I love the photo of her horse on the July 13 post. That photo takes me back to my childhood riding days too. I can relate to the love of hay notes in scents. I just tried Mandy Aftel’s solid Wildflowers perfume and it has a delicious honeyed hay note that really does conjure images of a sunny field for me. Very nice, and good lasting power too.

We have some sunshine today and it’s so cheering to see. Happy weekend!

4 thoughts on “of tabac, horses, and hay…

  1. Thanks for the mention Laurie 🙂 Isn’t it just amazing how a scent can take you away to some magical place in the past?

    I’ve been trying to decide which of the Aftelier fragrances to sample, and it sounds like I need some Wildflowers… yum!

  2. Oh, Hay! It’s such a beautiful note, and takes me back to my childhood as well. I am really chomping at the bit to try Tabac Aurea among other SSS scents. One perfume I’ve tried lately with a hay note that is gorgeous is Parfums de Nicolai Kiss Me Tender. It’s a very delicate scent that I think can be worn by a woman or girl of any age- and I think the hay is mostly responsible for that versatility. When a person can wear hay (according to individual chemistry), they can REALLY wear it. I’ve heard a lot of folks say that it’s tricky for them. Luckily, not for me!

    • Hi Carrie! I’ve not tried that PdN but I like her Le Temps D’Une Fete; it’s a very pretty green floral with grass and hay notes.

      It’s interesting how different ingredients come off us hay-like or not to different people. Many ingredients have hay facets, like hay absolute, beeswax, tobacco absolute, immortelle, genet, mate, and things in the coumarin/tonka group.

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