Scents in Progress

The Reves take off contains an interesting ingredient that I’ve not used before in a scent on my list: oakwood absolute. The absolute is made from French wine barrels and has a different kind of woody smell with some gourmand vanillic and fruity elements to it. I like it very much and thought it was interesting with the other notes in this fragrance. Once I know the formula is set, I’ll put up a link to the scent description. It has floral notes (violet, rose, heliotrope) but also woods, incense, moss, and a subtle hint of leather. I think it’ll be nice in the spring.

The classic-inspired scent is more traditional. It has some really lovely ingredients — a pretty jasmine sambac absolute, a yummy orris, some jasmine lactones that add a creamy floral aspect, natural oakmoss, sandalwood, rose… I can’t wait to finalize this formula. I sent out some testers but am having second thoughts and am now increasing the rose again (I’d had it higher in a previous mod and think I’ll bump it up again). I’m right at the IFRA limit for moss and am considering going a little higher and just putting a warning on it. I’ll see which way I like it best. This last stage in fragrance formulation is always the hardest for me, taking all tester comments into consideration along with my own preferences and making the last tweaks.

Over the weekend I finally looked at my notes on the white floral trials from last summer. I need to pick this project up again so I can try to finish in time for summer. I did so much experimenting on this theme last summer that I’m hoping to do two takes on the theme. I’ll get back to work on it and see where it leads.

We had quite a lot of snow on the mountains in the distance over the weekend. This Friday night is supposed to be so cold and stormy that the snow level may get very close to us. It’s only snowed here once in my lifetime, so snow would be a rare event!

Quick Update and Incense Pure Review

Incense Pure was reviewed yesterday on the Bois de Jasmin blog. Thanks Victoria! I agree that one of the enjoyable aspects of trying an indie line is the window it offers into the creator’s world. I enjoy both sides of the experience: it’s fun to share a little bit of myself through my scents, and I love trying scents from other indie perfumers and learning about their worlds.

Two indie creations that I have enjoyed sampling recently are Mandy Aftel’s Candide and MCMC’s new rose scent called Kept. Candide is a wonderful, bright jasmine and citrus combination that lasts amazingly well on my skin for an all-natural blend (I tried the edp). It sure hits the spot in spring for those spring fever feelings I experience. It’s a rare treat to find this much natural jasmine in a fragrance, and to have it paired with notes that complement and showcase it without taking over as the jasmine softens in the drydown. Kept is a woodsy rose that also had good lasting power for me and is very pleasing to my rose-loving nose. The rose shouldn’t scare those who fear floral notes because it is softened by black tea, woods, patchouli, amber, and hints of leather.

I’m in the final stages now (I hope) on the Reves take-off and the classic-inspired scent. I’ve mailed some testers for feedback on these current mods and will see where they stand. I’m just getting out my notes and trials for the white floral again; I need to be ready with that for summer if possible.

I’ll post again soon, probably this evening or tomorrow, with some more details about the new scents.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My plum tree is blooming after the beautiful spring-like weather we’ve had the last few weeks. Rain is due most of this week but we’ve had a wonderful taste of spring. The daffodils are out too.

I wanted to say happy Valentine’s Day and briefly check in. I’m making some adjustments to the three new scent formulas and will be sending out more testers. Things are going well for the new scents. The amber is brand new and so far initial feedback looks very positive. It has amber, incense, and woods but has more emphasis on the amber and may therefore seem cozier than Incense Pure, though I wouldn’t call it sweet as amber goes. I need to finish these three new formulas and switch to the white floral soon to be ready for spring. The new scent that is a take-off on Lieu de Reves will be nice for spring though. My schedule is rough until mid-March and I’m looking forward to getting past that point. I’ll put Voile de Violette up in time for spring.

Also wanted to say thanks to NST for including Fireside Intense in their list of top 10 scents for winter 2011. We still do have a while before we get to spring, even though the plum tree thinks otherwise. 🙂

Roses are up

I put Velvet Rose and Vintage Rose on the menu in honor of Valentine’s Day. And of course, Rose Musc continues to be available in the Boutique group.

Also, I should clarify that the Lieu de Reves on the site now is the original. I’m working on a take off from Reves, but it will have a new name when it comes out and it will be in the Boutique group. The original Reves will remain Exclusive.