Quick Update and Incense Pure Review

Incense Pure was reviewed yesterday on the Bois de Jasmin blog. Thanks Victoria! I agree that one of the enjoyable aspects of trying an indie line is the window it offers into the creator’s world. I enjoy both sides of the experience: it’s fun to share a little bit of myself through my scents, and I love trying scents from other indie perfumers and learning about their worlds.

Two indie creations that I have enjoyed sampling recently are Mandy Aftel’s Candide and MCMC’s new rose scent called Kept. Candide is a wonderful, bright jasmine and citrus combination that lasts amazingly well on my skin for an all-natural blend (I tried the edp). It sure hits the spot in spring for those spring fever feelings I experience. It’s a rare treat to find this much natural jasmine in a fragrance, and to have it paired with notes that complement and showcase it without taking over as the jasmine softens in the drydown. Kept is a woodsy rose that also had good lasting power for me and is very pleasing to my rose-loving nose. The rose shouldn’t scare those who fear floral notes because it is softened by black tea, woods, patchouli, amber, and hints of leather.

I’m in the final stages now (I hope) on the Reves take-off and the classic-inspired scent. I’ve mailed some testers for feedback on these current mods and will see where they stand. I’m just getting out my notes and trials for the white floral again; I need to be ready with that for summer if possible.

I’ll post again soon, probably this evening or tomorrow, with some more details about the new scents.

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