Fifi awards voting

The Fifi awards have a Consumer’s Choice Fragrance of the Year Award this year so that consumers can vote for their favorite men’s and women’s scents out of all the nominees in all the categories. You can follow this link to cast your vote anytime before midnight May 12th. Because Mandy Aftel has three scents nominated in the Indie Fragrance category, those three Aftelier fragrances are also listed as choices in the consumer’s choice category. Mandy has requested that people vote for her Honey Blossom rather than her other two nominees (Candide and Lumiere) to give her a better chance. This is the first time a truly indie small business has been up for a Fifi, as well as the first time a natural perfumer has been nominated. I love both Candide and Honey Blossom. Mandy has done so much for natural perfumery and indie perfumery in general — this recognition is well deserved. You might want to visit the link to view the nominees and cast your votes (you’ll be asked to register your email first).

Update: There was an error in that link that I posted late last night but I have now fixed it (7 am Friday morning); I apologize for that!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! My brother and his family are visiting for the weekend, and the Easter bunny will visit my nieces. I’m filling orders and hope to do a little work on formulas. I’ve not smelled the vintage inspired scent for several weeks so I can pick it up now and evaluate with a fresh nose. The photo above is a basket of sweet peas from last year’s bloom. Unfortunately, we have fewer than normal sweet peas coming up this year so it’ll be a sparser crop. Any are welcome though!

Review of To Dream on Now Smell This and Happy Earth Day!

Today on Now Smell This, Jessica posted a review of To Dream with some comparisons to Lieu de Reves that might be helpful to some of you who are deciding whether to sample it. Thank you Jessica! And To Dream is also available at Indie Scents, where they currently have a cute picture of it on the landing page as one of the most recent additions.

I’m low on my black perfume boxes and need to have more made, but I will have a graphic designer make a few changes first, so I’m working on that process now. The boxes need to be a tiny tad taller for the new bottles. The new 34 ml bottles are a snug fit so we’ll give them better head room with the updated box design.

I gave a quick try to the new Andy Tauer scent Zeta yesterday and enjoyed its cheerful prominent notes of honeyed linden, orange blossom, and neroli. I want to wear it again when I can concentrate more on it. It’s fun to try the two new scents that arose from Nathan’s blog project — Andy’s Zeta and Mandy’s Honey Blossom are both beautiful. I love the honeyed linden notes.

Happy Earth Day!

Catching up

I spent the weekend on computer updates and issues but am set to go again. I’m trying to get this computer to last another year or two, but it seems like they always get cranky as soon as the 3 year warranty is up. I’m still on XP and it’d be good to update to Windows 7 in the next year so I can test my site on it whenever I make changes.

It’s been busy here after the To Dream release, but I’m catching up. I almost have a tester for the soft summery floral — getting close. I have several other projects in progress and will talk more about them soon.

I had the pleasure of meeting perfumer Ayala Sender of Ayala Moriel Parfums about a week ago — it was really fun to meet in person after corresponding via email. She’s a sweet person, beautiful inside and out. Her perfumes are all-natural and I like how smooth and well blended they are. If you miss the old oakmossy chypres you might want to sniff her Ayalitta — it’s a lovely oakmoss-rich scent. She posted tonight on her blog about our visit. Ayala’s blog is a treasure trove of information about natural ingredients if you take time to browse.

Luckily it didn’t rain for our visit, but we’ve been having typical crazy spring weather. I’m hoping to start some open studio hours this summer, assuming people can find us out here, lol.

To Dream drawing winners!

I compiled a list of entrants, leaving out people who ordered To Dream last week, and then I used to generate a sequence of numbers from 1 to 65. Since we had such a great response, I’m taking the top 6 numbers that were generated and will send samples to those six people. The top three will get a 2.5 ml mini spray of To Dream and a 1 ml sample of their choice, and the next three will get a 1 mi sample of To Dream plus a 1 ml sample of their choice. Just send me an email at with your address and your extra sample choice, and I’ll put these in the mail. So the winners are, in the order they were drawn:

memechoose (now I understand your screen name — maybe it brought you luck!)

Congrats! Thanks so much for participating! It was fun to celebrate spring — reading these posts gives me even more spring fever! 🙂 And for those who didn’t win, we’ll have more of these drawings so there will be more chances.

Quick update

I’ve been really busy but plan to do the drawing tomorrow afternoon or evening. On the positive side, my delay has given more people a chance to join in.

I want to mention a couple of interesting links from recent posts elsewhere. First, research and trials are underway for developing a new extract of lilac blooms, as described by Natural Perfumery Guild President Anya McCoy on her Anya’s Garden blog. It would be wonderful if a true lilac CO2 or absolute became available!

And another interesting link: the winner of the Fifi award for best blog article, which was a piece on Elle’s website about how Frederic Malle developed the special limited edition scent called “25” for Elle’s 25th birthday. All the blog finalists were listed here, and included numerous blogs you probably know and read.

I’ll be back tomorrow night with some drawing winners. 🙂

Review of To Dream

Someone in the drawing just pointed out this review of To Dream on I Smell Therefore I Am. Thanks Abby! Glad you liked the sample!

To Dream is working for some people who didn’t get along with Lieu de Reves. Some people like one or the other and some like both, so it’s best to sample first if you are curious about them. To Dream has more rose, less musk, more woods (but less cedar), plus some moss and incense that Reves does not have. The formulas actually have very little in common other than the violet, rose, heliotrope notes.

Someone asked me about the cocoa note and I can understand the fear about seeing that note listed. I kept the cocoa very soft, hopefully almost subliminal for all but those who are very sensitive to it. I debated about whether to even list it as a note because the formula only has a trace, and maybe I shouldn’t have listed it. The trace of cocoa is just there to meld with the vanilla for a little yum factor. 🙂

I’ll leave the drawing open until Saturday evening.

Drawing for samples of To Dream

To Dream is now available on the Fragrance page and the Samples page, and it will also be available at
Indie Scents
. I’ll host a drawing here for two winners to receive a spray sample of To Dream plus a 1 ml sample of another SSS scent of their choice. Just post below to enter the drawing and maybe tell us something you love about spring. I love everything about spring — the longer daylight hours, the garden coming to life, the warmer temperatures… 🙂

I put the vintage-inspired scent aside for a little bit to work on the summer floral project again. When I last left off I had several lines of approach that I hope will lead to several different scents. The summery lactonic jasmine skin scent is calling to me right now so I’m working on that first.

Update: I’ll pick 3 winners since we have a lot of interest, and I’ll leave it open until Saturday evening…