Discount on 17 ml Bottles With No Box (Optional)

I’m temporarily low on our custom black perfume boxes, so I’ve added a no-box option to the menus for the 17 ml bottle size. All 34 ml will come with boxes, but you have the option to get the 17 ml at a $3.50 discount with no box. I will have more boxes coming, probably in about six weeks, and I’ll leave this option up at least that long. Some people like having the box and some don’t care, so this will be an easy way for me to conserve boxes until I am stocked up again. The $3.50 is about a 10% discount for most scents. More people purchase spray rather than splash so I didn’t bother to add another menu line for splash cap with no box, but if you’d like a splash cap you can request one in the comments box.

It’s my Dad’s 80th bday this weekend. Happy birthday Dad! 🙂

And happy holiday weekend!

About Laurie E

artisan perfumer and owner of Sonoma Scent Studio
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6 Responses to Discount on 17 ml Bottles With No Box (Optional)

  1. deeHowe says:

    Thank you Laurie, and have a wonderful birthday weekend with your dad! 🙂

  2. Undina says:

    Laurie, my best wishes to you and your dad.

  3. AnnYM says:

    Wonderful milestone for your dad! Hope it was a wonderful birthday and best wishes for many more to come.

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