Baby Donkey

My niece takes riding lessons on some weekends at a barn nearby, and one of the donkeys there just had a baby. We visited today and snapped a few pictures. She’s really cute and very friendly, wanting constant attention. Her name is Stevie Nicks (her Dad is Steve and her Mom is Sage). They have a shepherd dog that was the first to notice the new baby donkey and he stood guard over her until humans arrived.

It was a beautiful sunny day today that really hit the spot. I’m testing the summer scent, and now that I increased the floral notes it has gone a tad sweeter. I decreased both vanilla absolute and benzoin, which helped, but I may need to do something further. It’s getting so close though. I’m also working on the other summer scent and that’s close to having the next tester as well.

6 thoughts on “Baby Donkey

  1. That is the cutest thing ever! Come East my dear in the Spring and I can show you lots of cute little critters like the one in my gravatar! 😉

  2. Oh so adorable! I drive by a little corral on the way to my son’s preschool each morning. There’s a horse, a mule, and 2 donkeys and we always slow down for a look to see if they were out. Babies are even cuter!

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