Baby Goats, and Update

Hi! I’ve been working hard to catch up on so many things but wanted to check in and share some cute pictures.

The barn where my niece takes riding lessons has had several batches of baby goats this summer. Thought I’d post a few pics, but I promise no more baby animals, lol — this is it for the summer. They had a big year between the donkey and several litters of goats.

They are Nigerian dwarf goats and are very friendly. They can be used for milk and apparently make good pets. The babies scamper all over their pen and love to climb on anything, including the backs of their mothers.

I’m working on the new scents and on several organizing projects at the studio (I made a successful trip to the Container Store yesterday, though it was swamped with college students outfitting their dorm rooms). I received a shipment of naturals from France, including some yummy tuberose, neroli, and mimosa. Also got a galbanum absolute that should last longer than the EO on skin and smells different than the resin I have. I’m really looking forward to playing with them. I’m also just starting to plan for the shea cream for fall. Lots to think about!

Another Update

I’ve had a delay on the boxes — it’ll be a couple more weeks before I can put them on my site, but the prints I’ve seen so far show that the gold foil is really beautiful. The oak leaf design is working really well in the foil and I can’t wait to get my shipment.

Meantime, I’m getting back to the new scents. I have a good start on the reformulation of Opal. One of the issues with Opal is that I want to change the blend of musks in it to use only macrocyclic musks with no polycyclic musks (the macrocyclics are biodegradable and better for the environment, so I no longer use the polycyclics when I formulate). I like the new musk blend for Opal so far. It also has sandalwood, vanilla, and tonka as before. I’m working with some soft floral aspects and deciding what to do about the little bergamot citrus note it had originally.

For those who may be visiting the SF area, Natalie on Another Perfume Blog recently posted a guide to perfume shops to visit in the city. She included photos too, which is fun.

I’ll post on the What’s New page and here on the blog when the new boxes are finally shipping, and I’ll post when I have the next mods ready on the new scents

New Look for Boxes and Website

I have not posted lately because I’ve been preoccupied with a major website update. I put the new files up tonight.

The picture at left shows the design for the front of the new perfume boxes that should arrive soon, hopefully Friday or early next week (the gold text and art will be gold foil). I just updated the website to incorporate the new logo imagery into the website.

A local artist drew the oak leaf image for the new Sonoma Scent Studio boxes and that image is now carried throughout the website. I reinforced our packaging colors of black, white, and gold on the site, and I tried to create a simple but elegant layout.

All the scent pages now have photos of the new bottles. The information on ingredients has been removed from the scent pages and collected into a group of pop-up notes reachable through links on each scent’s notes list and on an Ingredient page. We will keep adding more ingredients to the info list and more links to the notes lists. I made a number of other clean-ups and improvements as I went. For example, the fragrance page now has links to pop-up pictures of all the bottle options.

When I very first started Sonoma Scent Studio I used an oak image because I love our oaks and it is an appropriate image for Sonoma. I later switched to the jasmine because the oak image I had did not reduce well to the small sizes I needed. Now that I have an oak image that works, I’m moving back to the oak theme.

Hope you like the new website look! If you spot any glitches please let me know. 🙂