Exciting news — SSS now in Sundhaft in Munich, Germany

I have great news for my customers in the EU! Sonoma Scent Studio is now being carried by the wonderful boutique Sundhaft in Munich, Germany! They are carrying the boutique line of my 34 ml bottles. I can’t ship bottles to Germany or Italy because of customs restrictions, so this will give customers there a way to mail order from within the EU. They also have a lovely brick-and-mortar boutique that caries a wide line of niche and indie fragrances, giving people who live close enough an opportunity to stop by and test the scents in person. I’m very excited to be a part of their boutique. Thank you Sundhaft!

Some new reviews, and more work on the vintage scent

Nathan reviewed Fig Tree in his midweek quick hits column yesterday. And Fig Tree was also reviewed today on Another Perfume Blog. Also today, Champagne de Bois was reviewed on Olfactoria’s Travels. It was a big day! Thanks Nathan, Natalie, and Birgit! 🙂

I’m working on the vintage-inspired scent to try to introduce a stronger green note. It has the IFRA maximum level of oakmoss already, so I’m looking for other ingredients. Today I’ve been comparing violet leaf with heather absolute because they have some things in common — green notes plus leathery notes. I already added some of my new mimosa absolute to this, and the leathery aspect of these two green materials goes well with the mimosa. The heather seems gentler and maybe not as long lasting, but this is the first time I’ve played with my sample so I need to test more. I started this scent formula over a year ago and really want to finish it soon.

Drawing For $80 Gift Certificate

I donated an $80 gift certificate to Cafleurebon’s breast cancer awareness month blogathon, so you might want to enter if you have a wishlist of items from the SSS site. The gift certificate would get you any 34 ml bottle, or a couple 17 ml bottles, or a gift set of samples plus something extra, or any $80 combination you want to put together.

My family has not been touched by breast cancer, but both my parents have had surgeries for other cancers and we lost my grandfather to cancer at too young an age. To enter the drawing you need to make a $5 donation to the breast cancer foundation that Cafleurebon chose for their blogathon, the Libby Ross Foundation. You can find more information on their site if you are interested.

Updated to add: This is the first time I’ve donated more than samples or purse sprays for a blog drawing. I can’t do that very often, but since this was for a cancer charity I thought I’d go ahead. I wanted to do a gift certificate so the winner could pick the scent(s) and bottle size(s), and I’m hoping someone will enjoy choosing. 🙂

Sudden Onslaught of Free Sample Requests from Foreign Countries

Today I’ve had about 20 emails from people claiming to own boutiques in Russia, Ukraine, and various other foreign countries, and they all want free samples. The emails are not slowing down and I can’t take time to reply. Clearly, as a one-woman business I can’t afford the time or materials to send free samples of my line to dozens of people. Other perfumers get these requests all the time too. It’s just distressing today because the emails are coming so fast they are clogging up my inbox. Someone must have mentioned me online on a foreign blog somewhere, suggesting writing for samples. I doubt they will be reading this. Hopefully it will settle down in a few days. I always get some of these emails, but not usually this many in one morning. If a legitimate boutique emails me and I’m interested in working with them I can send samples, but I am limiting my wholesaling to just a few places for now. I’ll have more to say about that next week. Most of these emails today don’t even mention the name of a store and just make vague references; they are just people fishing for samples. Samples are available for purchase on my site, at Indie Scents, at The Posh Peasant, and at The Perfumed Court. I think my website probably makes me look like a larger company than I am, so people don’t realize that it is an unreasonable request. I wonder what was posted somewhere today to start this little avalanche of emails.

Update and Review

I’m getting back to the vintage-inspired scent and am feeling encouraged. I’m decreasing the woods, increasing the florals and aldehydes, and adjusting the amber accord. The rose is much more apparent now, which makes me happy. Will see how soon I can have the next mod finished.

Had a nice response to the Fig Tree release and sent out quite a few sample orders. I hope people enjoy sampling.

It’s fun to see people’s enthusiasm when they first discover the world of scent that exists beyond department store perfumes. In a blog post today, Liz describes her start down the rabbit hole and how she is currently enjoying a set of SSS samples. Glad you’re having fun Liz!

My brother’s family is taking a little vacation this weekend so we are pet-sitting their little pocket Beagle, Belle. She’s a cutie. Like a cat, she’ll seek out a sunny spot in the house to bask in the warmth of the rays coming in the window.

Happy weekend! I hope to get some blending done.

Review of Fig Tree and Drawing on Cafleurebon

Ida has reviewed Fig Tree on Cafleurebon, and the blog is hosting a drawing for a 5 ml purse spray. I love the way Ida talks about seeing wild fig trees growing while she and her family traveled in France. She has a way of connecting with the essence of the natural world and always shares her poetic imagery beautifully. So, head on over to read her writing and enter the drawing if you’d like a chance for a freebie 5 ml spray. Thanks Ida and Michelyn!

New Release: Fig Tree

Fig Tree is now available in perfume, lotion, and shea cream. I’m releasing it now as part of the Exclusive Collection, but it will probably move to the Boutique Collection in spring. The price will need to increase at that time to be able to wholesale it, but this will give people a chance to get it at a discount until then. There’s plenty of time to sample first to see if you like it. This fig is a mood-lifter for me with its combination of green, fruity, woodsy, and creamy notes. It brings to mind a summer fig tree, but I’m releasing it now because it is so nice in shea cream and I always do the shea in fall and winter (shea doesn’t ship well in summer). Hope it finds some fans! 🙂

Some new reviews

I’m getting ready to put up the shea cream and new Fig Tree scent, but I wanted to link to a couple new reviews first.

Lindsey on My Material Life offers a lovely review of Wood Violet.

Felicia on Fragrance Belles-Lettres reviews Tilar Mazzeo’s book The Widow Clicquot:The Story of a Champagne Empire And The Woman Who Ruled It, and she ties it in to reviews of some Champagne themed perfumes, including Champagne de Bois.

Thanks Lindsey and Felicia!

Update on new products

The first batch of Fig Tree scent is ready. I’ll put samples up soon, and I’ll put Fig Tree bottles up on the site on Monday for an official release. I’ll add the shea cream to the site this weekend in all scents except Amber. It’ll take a little longer for the Amber. I’ve tweaked the Amber formula and it is much stronger now, which will make it stand up to the shea cream better, but I’m still testing. The shea will be available in Fig Tree, Velvet Rose, Lavender Absolute, and Unscented for now, and in Amber before long.

I’ll also be getting back to the vintage-inspired scent this weekend. I can’t believe another week has shot by. I’m fitting as much as I can into each day, and I’ll eventually catch up if I keep at it. I can’t believe it is mid October though. We’ve had a fox family living here for several months, which scared the wild turkeys away, but last week the fox family was absent and the turkeys are back. It’s nice to see them again, and to feel their presence by their funny clucking noises. The deer family is still here too, with the two fawns looking more grown up. The workers in the vineyards nearby are frantically picking grapes and tilling fields to replant, and fall is in the air.