Midweek Update

I just received a notice from Amazon that the back-ordered book Perfume: The Alchemy of Scent by Jean-Claude Ellena has shipped. It’s now in stock if it interests you. I can’t seem to give a link without it putting you into my Amazon account, but it is easy to find on Amazon. Also, Now Smell This ran a post about it a while back when it was only for pre-order.

I like the violet leaf in the new vintage mod I’m working on. The mimosa also seems very nice in it and fits well with the aldehydes. I’m worried about sweetness though; I need to try a few tweaks to see if they might improve the formula, but I feel I’m on to something here.

There was a review of the new Fig Tree scent posted at EauMG yesterday. Thanks, Victoria!

I’m going to be really busy from now until after Christmas, but starting early next year I’d like to get back to more posts about ingredients and general perfumery topics of interest. I’ve not had as much time for general posts as I’d like, so we’ll get back to those after the holidays.

1 thought on “Midweek Update

  1. Just received my copy of Ellena’s book and it looks fun! It will be my before-bed reading for a while and I’ll report back.

    And the vintage inspired scent seems almost done…

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