A Couple Reviews and Quick Update

Wanted to say a belated thank you to Trish for her lovely review of Fig Tree perfume and shea cream on ScentHive about a week ago! And thank you to Carol of Bloody Frida for her mini reviews of Incense Pure, Lieu de Reves, Rose Musc, and Sienna Musk today!

I’m doing the annual end-of-year paperwork and am about to start inventory. I’ve been working on an organization project with the files and inventory. Do others get the urge to organize and clean up around the end of the year? I always want to tie up loose ends. I need to get back to the Nostalgie release — that will be top priority for January.

I’m looking forward to a family get together for New Year’s weekend. I’ll post some thoughts about 2011/2012 as we ring in the new year. Hope everyone has been having a good holiday!

4 thoughts on “A Couple Reviews and Quick Update

  1. I’m very much looking forward to the release of Nostalgie.
    I’m also looking forward to giving my best friend her belated xmas present, a purse spray of her favorite perfume, Winter Woods! She will be thrilled as she was down to the bottom of her sample.

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