Review of Nostalgie on The Non-Blonde

I’m so grateful for and happy about the nice reviews coming in for Nostalgie. Tonight a beautifully written review appeared on The Non-Blonde. Thank you so much, Gaia! Glad you liked it!

My older niece turns 13 on Wednesday — a big birthday! We’ve had oddly warm days for January and some of the roses are still blooming, along with the paperwhites and camellias. Hard to believe January is about over.

Temporary color change for 5 ml purse/pocket sprays

I am out of the 5 ml black purse sprays, and they are on back-order with my supplier. I’ll have more in 2-3 months. In the meantime, I’ll be switching temporarily to gold sprays with the same black and gold labels. They are identical in style except for the color. I plan to go back to the black as soon as they become available again.

The photo at left shows the usual black sprays, the new temporary gold ones, and a plain glass option with silver collar that I could also offer temporarily if people want them. I thought the glass and silver may be more unisex than the gold, but wasn’t sure. If you have input, I’d love to hear.

Also, I plan to change the wording on my site to call them pocket sprays rather than purse sprays because I realize the pocket name is more gender neutral. The sprays are great for pocket, backpack, or purse.

I apologize for the temporary color change.

Nostalgie Review on Olfactoria’s Travels

I had another nice surprise to wake up to with this morning’s lovely review of Nostalgie on Olfactoria’s Travels. I liked Birgit’s comments on the renewed interest in vintage and classical style perfumery. Thank you, Birgit!

And I am now hooked up to a much faster internet provider with unlimited monthly service — woo hoo! 🙂 I can now use Pandora and YouTube. Much more fun!

Nostalgie review on The Muse in Wooden Shoes

I had a wonderful start to my morning today by waking up to a beautiful review of Nostalgie on the blog Muse in Wooden Shoes. Thank you Mals! I really appreciate your testing several versions along the way, and I’m so glad you enjoy the final result! I had hoped it’d be a joyful celebration of the rich materials used in vintage scents, and I’m so glad people are enjoying it.

This afternoon I am having an internet company come to try to hook me up to their service, which is brand new to our part of CA and looks like the best broadband option we’ve ever had out here in this rural area. Looking foward to it!

Email Status

My personal email has been down for several hours. If you need to reach me this weekend, please use the email, which is completely separate and is working fine. Thank you!

I’m considering moving from my hotmail account to a gmail account for personal use. People seem to like gmail, from what I’ve heard. Comments/advice about gmail are welcome! 🙂

A new wireless internet service is now available in my area, and they are coming out this Wed to try to hook me up. We have no dsl or cable here. I’ve been using an ATT 3G mifi device, which works great except for the 5 Gig monthly limit (I have to really conserve to stay under the limit). The new service is unlimited access so I sure hope it works. They also offer an email on their server, so that’s one more alternative to hotmail/gmail that I can consider. My hotmail rarely goes down, but it’s been running slowly lately and it may be time for a change, as much as I hate having to change email addys.

UPDATE: My personal hotmail is back up, but it may be safest for a while to use my SSS email instead if you need to reach me.


I just put Nostalgie samples on the site this evening. I will put bottles up in a few days, probably Wed or Thursday. Quite a few orders came in this weekend, so it’s been busy.

Someone let me know that I received a favorite indie perfumer of 2011 award on this Hungarian blog. It’s fun to see how fragrance lovers are united around the world by a common interest. Even though I can’t read the language (without Google translate anyway!), I recognize the other perfumes and brands in the list.

My copy of “Scent and Chemistry: The Molecular World of Odors” just arrived on Friday, and it looks like an excellent book. In addition to lots of information on aroma chemicals and essential oils, it also discusses percentages of various ingredients in many well-known scents, both niche and designer. I found it interesting to read the long list of scents that have massive doses of Galaxolide (including Kiehl’s Original Musk at 92.8%!), and massive doses of ISO E Super (like CdG Kyoto at 55% and CdG Jaisalmer at 51%). We’ve seen lists of scents with huge ISO E doses before, so this is no surprise. I think the ISO E trend has peaked though. Perfumers seem to have a tendency to go a little crazy with great new ingredients when they are first introduced, leading to a series of releases featuring the same ingredient.

I should have an update on a new project in a few days.