Sneak Preview Review of Nostalgie on BoTO

You can find an early review of Nostalgie on the BoTO blog. Thanks so much, Dee! I love your imagery, and the scent seems golden to me too from the mimosa and amber.

I hope to release Nostalgie the week after next, with samples on the website before the release if possible. I started this scent over a year ago, but since then the vintage-inspired trend has really begun to blossom. I’m actually right on time with this theme — this is one trend I can get behind! πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Sneak Preview Review of Nostalgie on BoTO

  1. I enjoyed Dee’s review very much

    Question for you, Laurie: I had received a mod of “Classic” in mid-to-late November (I think) that I liked very much. Is that the version which became Nostalgie? If it is, I’d like to review it. If it was further tweaked, then I’m thinking I really need a sample of Nostalgie, because the mod was wonderful.

    I love the vintage-inspired stuff that we’re seeing more of at the moment – I fell really hard for Tableau de Parfums Miriam, which seems to share a similar… feeling… for want of a better word with the “Classic” tester you so kindly sent me.

  2. Hi Mals, the final version is just like the one you got but with the amber cut back a little to reduce sweetness a little. I should send you a new sample, but it is not very different. Glad you like it!

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