Thoughts on being a frugal perfumista on BoTO

Today on BoTO blog, Dionne posted her thoughts about being a frugal perfumista, and I can relate to many of her observations. I don’t buy very many bottles either, and I don’t buy them unsniffed. As you can imagine, I have far too many aromatic items around here as it is, lol, so I’m quite frugal in my bottle choices. I think I only bought one bottle last year, and that’s typical for me. I do buy some decants/splits because that’s a great way for me to be able to enjoy other lines. I miss seeing the bottles and boxes though and sometimes wish we had a niche perfume store within driving distance partly just to see the packaging!

Dionne came up with a motto for Sonoma Scent Studio that I love and appreciate, “Come for the low prices. Stay for the beauty.” Wow, thanks Dionne! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on being a frugal perfumista on BoTO

  1. Thank you right back, Laurie! (What a day – my first post ever, AND a pingback from my fave indie perfumer. Wow.)

    One thing I didn’t mention in that post is that three of those 14 bottles are Sonoma Scent Studio. Some day I’d like to own …. oh, about half of your line.

    • Aw, thanks. I could really relate to your post. Even before starting my business I was a frugal perfume hobbyist. That’s partly why I’ve always offered small bottle sizes.

      I look forward to your future posts on BoTO! Have fun with it!

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