Second to last in letters series on Nathan’s blog

The next to last letters are posted on Nathan’s blog, as Mandy and I swap tester mods of our creations in progress. I’m not done with Forest Walk yet, but the bulk of the formula is done.

The photos posted here show what it looks like around my cottage this time of year; the oaks are leafing out and the grass is still lush, creating a bright spring green scene. My cottage is on a fairly steep slope, with the back side far above ground level, offering a great view of the vineyards nearby and hills beyond. The upward hill on the front side is where I’ve planted my little garden, behind the safety of the deer fence. I just saw the family of three deer again recently (the Mom and her now teen-aged babies that we watched grow up last summer). It’s fun to have the same families here for generations.

I’m working on the Champagne reformulation. I can get quite close to the original even with my new labdanum substituted in the formula, but I also have a take-off that is more floral with more jasmine, as well as some natural oakmoss and other ingredients added. I am blank on names that would tie in to Champagne but reflect the more floral nature of this one.

I need to send some testers out, but I’ve been really busy with paperwork, taxes, orders, and some website updates. I added some soft botanical borders to the main level web pages; I’ve always wanted to add more botanical touches without being distracting, and I thought those black sidebar areas offered an opportunity. If anyone has any trouble with pages loading just let me know.

Another letter in the series on Nathan’s Blog

Nathan has posted the next letters in the series with Mandy Aftel on the Nathan Branch Blog. Mandy and I did an ingredient sample swap, and we describe our reactions to sniffing various new ingredients. It was really interesting for me to have the chance to smell real civet, ambergris, and musk!

It’s been very busy here, keeping up with orders, trying to finish my taxes, working on new scents, and re-stocking inventory items that are getting low. I always feel like it’s a three ring circus, but it’s fun too. It’s been too long since I’ve posted here on the blog, so I’ll try to keep up better. I’ll feel good when taxes are done.

Review of Champagne de Bois (and update on restocking status)

Thank you so much, Gaia, for your lovely review of Champagne de Bois on The Non-Blonde! I always love your writing, and your illustration choices are inspired too.

Although Champagne de Bois is currently out of stock, it’ll be back as soon as I modify the formula very slightly to swap the old labdanum out for the new one. I’ve been busy working on the forest scent because I want to finish the first tester mod and send it out, but I’ll get back to CdB as soon as the first forest mod is done. I already have one mod of CdB with the new labdanum that smells just about identical to the original, so everything should be fine there. I had thought the first forest mod was done, but I’m currently trying hay absolute, or clover absolute, or coumarin in it to see if that might help (it adds sweetness, which worries me, but it is interesting and deserves evaluation).