Weekend Update

I have several things to mention in this update for the last weekend in April.

First, I just weighed out a tiny batch of Forest Walk today and will send out testers. I made a few changes to try to eliminate the seaweed note that Mandy had experienced, and I removed one of the floral notes I’d had in it. I also reduced the dirt note, which really focuses the attention on the woods — western red cedar, oak absolute, New Caledonia sandalwood, black hemlock, and fir absolute. I want to try a few topnotes to see if anything fresh might improve it, but so far I haven’t found anything I like. The fir opens with a fresh green note that fades over the first 30 minutes, and that may be the best topnote by itself. I also added just a tiny bit of olibanum because everyone thinks it smells like pine in Incense Pure, so I thought it would help with the forest theme. I used my olibanum EO instead of my CO2 absolute because it is gentler and because I don’t want it smelling too similar to Incense Pure, which has the CO2.

I need to make some testers of the CdB take-off to send at the same time. I’ve had a lot of inquiries about when CdB will be back and I know I need to hurry up with that. 🙂

I’m also preparing for the Artisan Fragrance Salon in San Francisco to be held on July 8 from 11 am – 5 pm. The list of exhibitors includes Sonoma Scent Studio as well as Yosh, Parfums DelRae, Ayala Moriel Parfums, Artemisia Natural Perfume, Ineke, EnVoyage Perfumes, Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes, Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery, Roxana Illuminated Perfume, 40notes Perfume, Sarah Horowitz Parfums, Persephenie, Cognoscenti, Divine Life Perfume, Smell Bent, Leila Castle Botanical Fragrance, Rebel & Mercury Pure Botanical Perfumes, Smells & Bells Organics, and L’Aromatica Perfume. If you live in the Bay Area you might want to save the date! It’ll be in a very nice art gallery with convenient parking. It’s a great chance to sniff a lot of artisan brands in one spot.

Also congratulations to Victoria of Bois de Jasmin for her Fifi award! Her beautifully written blog is very deserving of the honor. For those of you who haven’t seen her new blog layout, it’s really gorgeous and easy to navigate.

I also thought I’d point out a blog post that moved me this week: Dione wrote about perfume and body image on BoTO. Many women will connect with various aspects of this post, myself included. It’s an example of why I love being a part of this fragrance community full of such wonderful women. I’m so glad the internet has brought us together. 🙂 Happy weekend!

Spring 2012 Lists

Bloggers are starting to post their lists of 2012 Spring Picks. Thanks, Victoria at EauMG, for including To Dream in your list! And thanks, Ayala, for including Fig Tree in your spring list on Smellyblog!

Ayala is having a drawing on Smellyblog for a mini of her Zohar scent, which is a beautiful and very realistic orange blossom scent that makes you feel as if you picked a blossom from the tree. Head on over to leave a comment if you want to enter.

I just cut the first roses of spring today from my garden. I love spring. 🙂

Final Post in Series on Nathan’s Blog

The last post just went up on the Nathan Branch blog in the Letters To A Fellow Perfumer series. Mandy Aftel just released her new Sepia perfume based on her impressions of the CA ghost towns that she has visited. The final mod is really quite beautiful and unique, a deft combination of strong players that she coaxes into working together.

I’m getting back to Forest Walk now, and I feel very close. I’m also working on the CdB take-off; I’ve added some osmanthus and a hint of leather. The sandalwood notes are softer, and it has added jasmine, moss, and patchouli.

My First Peony!

I planted a peony a bit over a year ago, and it just produced its first bloom! We can’t grow peonies very well here because our winters aren’t cold enough, but some varieties will bloom. This flower is enormous – just over 8 inches in diameter. The scent is green and earthy, with what seems like salicylate notes, plus a little subtle spiciness. I don’t think this variety is one of the best for scent, but the bloom is spectacular. The peony notes I’ve smelled in fragrances seem fresher than this and are often combined with rose notes, whereas this real-life blossom seems earthier. It’s fun to finally have a peony flower!

Happy Easter!

Hope you’re having a great Easter weekend! My brother and his family are visiting, and my nieces were coloring Easter eggs today. They’ll have an egg hunt tomorrow.

You’ve probably heard that TPC has split into two sites. The SSS line will be on the new site, called Surrender To Chance. They’re having their grand opening this weekend with chances to win prizes. I’ll be changing the links on my site from TPC to STC.

Happy Easter!