Voile de Violette Review

Thanks, Victoria, for your lovely review of Voile de Violette on EauMG! Your timing is perfect for spring.

Happy May Day! My youngest niece will be doing the May pole dance at their elementary school this year. The town has a May Day parade the first weekend in May and then the third grade does a May pole dance, winding ribbons around the pole. The kids all dress in costumes for the parade and are awarded prizes for best in various categories. It’s the kind of thing that makes it fun to grow up in a small town.

Yesterday I sent out the first four testers of Forest Walk mod #32 and the CdB take-off. I added a soft galbanum topnote to Forest Walk before sending it out. I need to make more testers and send a few more out, and as feedback comes in I’ll decide whether to alter it more. I would love to be able to bring both of these to the July 8th show, so I’m trying to finish them up.

4 thoughts on “Voile de Violette Review

    • Thanks, Nathan! I’m really hoping this is close to done. I reduced the dirt accord since you tried it, and I need to see what people think. Some people got a lot of earth in the previous mod, and a few said “what dirt?” so it has been tough to gauge. I like this mod though — it seems much smoother now. I’ll get a sample out to you as soon as I know it’s not changing anytime soon.

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