Deciding which scents to offer at SF show

I’m deciding which scents to bring for sale to the show in SF on July 8. I’ll make some 5 ml black travel sprays because I think that might be a popular size for the show, but I’m trying to decide which scents to bring for sale. Perfumistas may prefer things like Incense Pure, Forest Walk, and Nostalgie, whereas fragrance newbies might prefer lighter scents like Voile de Violette and Fig Tree. It’s hard to predict ahead what people will want. I will have a free shipping code to use at the show for any orders placed that day on our ipad since I can’t be sure to bring everything people may want. Any advice or scent requests are welcome here on the blog!

I’ve made a pretty sign (I will post a link to it next week if I can upload the big file to my webhost). I also printed brochures. Next week we’ll make spray testers for all the scents. Lots to do but we’re on schedule.

The code FragrSF12x is still good for $10 off your ticket to the Fragrance Salon on July 8th.

Here’s an interesting post today on the Persolaise blog featuring an interview with two Givaudan perfumers. I’ll have to try the karmaflor they mention. Sounds interesting.

Good News on Travel Sprays and Champagne de Bois

The 5 ml travel sprays that I’ve had on back-order should finally arrive tomorrow, so I’ll have more silver and more black! I’m low on silver and have been out of black for months, so I’m really happy these replacements are on the way. I hope to put the black travel sprays back on the site tomorrow night. I’ll try to keep the pink and silver too because both have been popular as well.

My small group of testers has approved the CdB original reformulation (substituting the new labdanum for the old), so I’m scaling the formula up and preparing to batch it. I hope to have it back on the site next week if all goes well. The Vintage Rose reformulation is next to finish.

Forest Walk Release

I released Forest Walk a few days ago and sent out a newsletter announcing it. Bottles and samples are available now on the site. Order volume has been very heavy, but we’re keeping up. Turn-around is still just a day or two. I appreciate all the interest in this new scent and hope people like it!

The color turned out to be gorgeous in the bottles. It’s the darkest juice yet in my line. It is a dark amber color with green tints from the fir and hemlock and some red tints from the Western red cedar and the oak. It looks very, very foresty! Photos don’t do it justice (or at least, my photos don’t).

I sent out three testers so far of the Champagne original reformulation (not the new floral variation). So far it seems very close to the original, but I’m waiting for more feedback. Meantime I’m working on the Vintage Rose reformulation and working on things for the July show. We’ve been having beautiful summery weather here.

First Review of Forest Walk – On Cafleurebon

Forest Walk samples are now on the SSS website, and the first review of Forest Walk was just posted this evening. Thank you so much, Mark, for your lovely review on Cafleurebon! I love how the fragrances that Mandy and I created for the Letters To A Fellow Perfumer project reminded you of you Yosemite trip. Yosemite is unbelievably beautiful.

I’ll put bottles of Forest Walk up on the site as soon as I can. I have one good sized batch filtered, but I’d like to have one more filtered and ready. I’ve been making progress on all kinds of things for the July 8 show, so I’m running a little behind on the forest release, but at least samples are up now.

I made a few adjustments to the vintage rose reformulation, and I’m sending testers to three people. I don’t think I need to send a lot of testers out since it’s a reform and I’m not starting from scratch. My goal is to have the reforms of vintage rose and champagne done before the July 8 show. As soon as bottles of Forest Walk are on the site I’ll send out a newsletter announcing the release.