Tabac Review on Parfumieren, and Update

You can find a fun and fascinating review of Tabac Aurea on Parfumieren today. I’m honored that Olenska thinks Tabac Aurea would please the goddess Oshun! 🙂 I always learn something interesting about literature, history, and other cultures when visiting her blog. Thanks, Olenska!

Today a summary of the July 8th Fragrance Salon appeared in the Style section of the San Francisco Chronicle. My table (mainly my sign) was one of the three photos accompanying the text. That was fun to see!

I spent all day Saturday cleaning up my work room, which had gotten out of hand. I still need to do a bit more organizing, but it’s much improved. Nothing like a clean work space. I’ve needed to do that for months.

I’m working on the musky unisex sandalwood rose but should get back to finishing the Vintage Rose reformulation. I’m trying to catch some of the Olympics too. 🙂

Champagne de Bois back in stock

Just wanted to mention that I put Champagne de Bois back on the site a few days ago. I’m now working on the Vintage Rose reformulation, and I’ll get back to Fleur de Champagne, the more floral take-off of CdB. I also need to get back to the unisex rose scent, and then finally the all-natural project I’ve had in my head for ages. It’s exciting to keep slowly ticking off tasks on my giant to do list. Wish I could go faster, but I just take it one step at a time.

Happy weekend!

Review of Forest Walk on SmellyBlog

Thanks, Ayala, for your review of Forest Walk on SmellyBlog! I’m so glad you liked it! It’s true that there is a special aromachemical used in Forest that has the aroma of fresh earth; it’s used at only 0.05% of the total formula so it’s a very tiny amount, but it still does have an effect. I wanted a number of ingredients to all work together to create a forest floor feeling. The earthiness comes partly from that aromachemical and partly from the patchouli, oakmoss, and woods.

It was fun to see Ayala of Ayala Moriel Parfums again while she was visiting California, and it was great to meet Lisa Fong, the perfumer for Artemisia Natural Perfumes. Lisa generously gifted me with some samples of her line, and my favorite was her Drifting Sparks. It was developed to have a warm, musky dryout, and that base together with the lovely orange blossom and jasmine notes made it my favorite.

Over a year ago I tried a sample of Ayala’s new tuberose scent in progress and fell in love with it. She’s now finished the formula and has named the scent Treazon. It will be launched in December, but she brought some advance bottles to the SF show. Tuberose lovers should put this on your “to sniff” list; it smells of rich, real tuberose absolute, which is different than the synthetic interpretation and is rarely used this generously because of the expense.

It’s fun to meet other indie perfumers and share scents. I hope to do more of this in the future. One comment I heard from many of the participants in the SF show is that everyone was so busy manning their booths that they wished they’d had some free time before or after the show to sniff perfumes at other booths. In the future a pre-sniff perfumer’s party might take place, which could be a lot of fun.

Review of Forest Walk on The Non-Blonde

Thanks, Gaia, for your beautiful review of Forest Walk on The Non-Blonde! I’m so glad you liked it! Other people have said they find it to be very realistic to them too. One of my questions when I set out to make the forest theme was where to draw the line between realism and interpretation. I ended up creating a fairly realistic forest scent, with just a bit of softening from some floral notes and some sweet notes. The formula does have a large number of natural ingredients.

Hot Air Balloons Flying Next Door To Us

A few weeks ago we had three hot air balloons come very close to landing in the vineyards across the fence from us. We are located next door to a winery, and early in the morning some balloons seemed to be having trouble staying aloft as they were drifting over the vineyards. We could hear the hissing of the air as they made adjustments. They eventually were able to rise up and take off again. The event made for some pretty photos taken from my parents’ deck. (I could see them from my house too, but my parents had a better vantage point for taking photos.)

And one balloon that came very close to the ground (it may have landed) looked like Tweety bird:

Photos of New 17 ml Bottles

I updated the photos on the site for the new 17 ml bottles. The new 17 ml bottles have more substantial glass, straighter necks, and a prettier overall look. They are nearly the same size and shape as the original 17 ml bottles. Here are a couple photos:

And for fun, here’s a photo of my brother’s beagle named Belle; my parents are dog-sitting while my brother and his family are at Lake Tahoe. Belle loves to lay on Mom’s lap for back or belly rubs. 🙂

San Francisco Show Recap

I thought I’d post a few photos of my table at The Artisan Fragrance Salon that took place last Sunday. It was held in an art gallery, so the perfumers had no control over the artwork displayed behind and around the booths. My table had landscape and wildlife art, which was accidentally somewhat appropriate. Other perfumers had some very wild artwork behind them. Space was tight and ventilation was not ideal, but spirits were high and everyone was very enthusiastic about the first fragrance event on the west coast. Attendance was excellent, and the tables were very busy from start to finish.

Here was my table as a whole:

Here are the larger display bottles:

And here are the sniffing jars. We labeled glass tumblers and sprayed them with the scents so that people could pick up the tumblers and sniff to get a quick idea of the scent without having to spray. Then they could use the 5 ml travel spray testers to spray skin or paper strips for anything they wanted to explore in more detail.

We took some travel sprays to sell and sold a large percentage of those we brought. Next time I should bring more, but I need a more streamlined checkout process with easier receipts to fill out. I learned a lot from this because it was my first show.

I had two wonderful helpers at my booth for the day: my assistant, Natalie, and Julia of Undina’s Looking Glass. If you follow that link you’ll find Julia’s great write-up of the event with pictures of many of the booths. You can also find lots of photos circulating on Facebook. I owe Natalie and Julia a giant thank you for their help.

I wasn’t able to go in person and I so very much missed getting to meet people. I feel very badly about that and hope to make it up to my local friends when I start having some open studio hours so that they can come up to see me and play with lots of scented goodies here (more on that later).

It was fun to hear stories from the show. One of my favorites was from a woman who said she’d smelled Forest Walk on another woman in the line for the restroom, and she loved it so much she had to find my table to try it herself. Some other people fell in love with scents by sniffing the tumblers. Some scents are more accurate that way than others; I noticed Incense Pure seems nicer on my skin than on glass, but many other scents seemed to work well on glass.

All in all I think it was a successful event. I want to give many, many thanks to all the people who came out to show support for artisan perfumers at the west coast event.

I’ll get back to work on the regular program now. First up is getting Champagne and Vintage Rose back on the site. I brought Champagne to the show but used up that first small batch and need to filter the next batch. I also need to photograph the new 17 ml bottles.

New 17 ml Bottles, and Lovely Incense Pure Review

I haven’t wanted to mention this and jinx it before the shipment arrived, but I just received new 17 ml bottles that are an upgrade from the ones I have been using. They are the same shape and about the same size, but they have much nicer, thicker glass and they take a better spray pump. The tops sit much straighter than those on the old bottles. The new bottles are imported from France. They still have screw pumps, not crimp, and they still fit my boxes. They are very similar in style to what I had but look classier. I got them yesterday, just in time to bring a few to the show. I will put them on the site next week (I need to take photos).

There was a beautiful post several days ago on Parfümieren that contained a review of Incense Pure. Thank you, Olenska! I learn so much from the posts there; the historical topics are fascinating and deeply researched.

Hope all who go to the SF show have a great time!

A hot first weekend in July, preparing for next weekend’s show

It was a beautiful weekend here. We’ve been lucky not to have the heat waves and power outages that have plagued other parts of the country.

I started laying out the show’s display on my kitchen island today so that I can see how to best use the 4 ft by 2 ft table space. It’s looking good. Here’s a link to the poster image I had printed for my sign.I wanted to have an image that would set the Sonoma theme, and I think this works.

I’ll be batching Champagne de Bois for the show, but I probably won’t put it on the site before the show because this week will be very busy.