A hot first weekend in July, preparing for next weekend’s show

It was a beautiful weekend here. We’ve been lucky not to have the heat waves and power outages that have plagued other parts of the country.

I started laying out the show’s display on my kitchen island today so that I can see how to best use the 4 ft by 2 ft table space. It’s looking good. Here’s a link to the poster image I had printed for my sign.I wanted to have an image that would set the Sonoma theme, and I think this works.

I’ll be batching Champagne de Bois for the show, but I probably won’t put it on the site before the show because this week will be very busy.

13 thoughts on “A hot first weekend in July, preparing for next weekend’s show

  1. Lovely sign, Laurie. It represents your fragrances perfectly. I would so love to attend the show! My neighbor and her daughter are in San Francisco as we speak but are returning home on Thursday. They are definitely missing something special!!



    • Thanks, Cathy! It’ll be a fun chance to see a lot of indies in one spot. As I work on my display, I wonder what the others will be like. We have a very creative group so I’m sure they will be beautiful.

    • Thanks, Claude! Lol. That was a winter iris in a pot on my porch, but we have wild iris here each spring. I do need to work on an iris scent someday, though there are some awesome ones out there already.

    • Thanks for the link, Donna! I had not seen that beautiful post. I love her writing. I’ll post an update tonight. Right now I’m still scrambling to put things together and haven’t even started to pack yet. I’m taking care of all the little details, like making a change box, trying not to forget anything. Thanks for the good wishes!

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