Tabac Review on Parfumieren, and Update

You can find a fun and fascinating review of Tabac Aurea on Parfumieren today. I’m honored that Olenska thinks Tabac Aurea would please the goddess Oshun! πŸ™‚ I always learn something interesting about literature, history, and other cultures when visiting her blog. Thanks, Olenska!

Today a summary of the July 8th Fragrance Salon appeared in the Style section of the San Francisco Chronicle. My table (mainly my sign) was one of the three photos accompanying the text. That was fun to see!

I spent all day Saturday cleaning up my work room, which had gotten out of hand. I still need to do a bit more organizing, but it’s much improved. Nothing like a clean work space. I’ve needed to do that for months.

I’m working on the musky unisex sandalwood rose but should get back to finishing the Vintage Rose reformulation. I’m trying to catch some of the Olympics too. πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “Tabac Review on Parfumieren, and Update

  1. Olenska’s blog is becoming my favorite – not necessarily for the perfume reviews, but for the always fascinating links of perfume to history and culture.

  2. A unisex sandalwood? OOOH! I will have to keep my eye out for that one as you know how I feel about sandalwood πŸ™‚ What type will you be using?

    • So far it has New Caledonia absolute and some album. I think you might like this one, if you’re ok with a little animalic musky touch. It has some ambrette seed CO2 and an animalic narcissus note.

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