Checking in…

I thought I should check in and say hi. I’ve been getting a lot done but nothing interesting enough to write about. I atill have many things to accomplish before summer ends. I always drag my heels as fall approaches.

This week I’ll make a few testers of the Vintage Rose reformulation and the unisex musky sandalwood rose. I’ve been catching up on paperwork too (not fun but part of being a small business).

Tomorrow Elements Showcase begins in New York. I’m sure many blogs will offer coverage, and I hope someone will make video available of the panel discussions. I’ll post a link if so.

Hope everyone is enjoying these late summer days. I’ll post more about the next scents as early feedback comes in from testers.

4 thoughts on “Checking in…

  1. Hi Laurie,
    Glad to hesr from you and what you have been up to. I am looking forward to fall and all of the earthy scents the season has to offer. I love flowers, but the odd unexpected smells that come from dirt, trees and leaves are a nice change of pace after summer. Your sandalwood rose sounds NICE!

    • Thanks, Nancy! The musky sandalwood rose is something I started about a year ago and had to put down while I worked on the Forest Walk project. I wanted to finish it since it is more than half done and I could use a few more unisex options on my list.

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