More blog links, and an update

Incense Pure was included today on Now Smell This in Robin’s 25 More Fragrances Every Perfumista Should Smell. Today’s post is an addendum to her 50 fragrance list published five years ago. I’m very honored and grateful to be included.

Wood Violet, Voile de Violette, and Lieu de Rêves were featured today on the blog Sweet Violet Bride. Naomi combines her love of violets, nature, and weddings on her original blog. I’m glad she liked my violets!

I should be able to put samples of Rose Volupté on the site in a few days, with bottles to follow. And if all goes well, samples of the first two naturals will be available very soon too.

I’m trying to decide if I have time to do the shea cream this year. Normally I would have offered it starting in early October, but I’ve fallen behind on that. Maybe I could just do a smaller amount this year. I had been holding off because I want to do the new body oils, but those won’t happen until after the holidays. If you’re looking forward to the shea for Christmas feel free to email me and I’ll take that into consideration, but I’m thinking maybe I should skip shea cream this year and concentrate on getting the new products out.

Review of Winter Woods on The Non-Blonde

Thank you, Gaia, for your review of Winter Woods on The Non-Blonde! It’s timely, as evidenced by the buckets of rain pouring here today. It’s very gloomy indoors weather here this week, and Winter Woods hits the spot on days like these. We’ll be batching it this Friday since I’m getting low.

Winter Woods and Fireside Intense always sell well this time of year. They are popular in Poland, where I imagine it must be very cold!

The photo at left shows a Winter Woods bottle. These are the type of bottles just delivered to me yesterday — a giant pallet all the way from Europe. I’m so thankful they finally made it to me after the hurricane Sandy delay.

My bottle shipment survives hurricane Sandy!

I had a large shipment of my empty 34 ml bottles coming on a pallet by boat from Europe, and they landed in New York the day before Sandy hit. They sat in a New York port for two weeks before finally making the last leg of the journey to me. We just picked them up today in South San Francisco and they look fine. So, when you get this next batch of bottles you’ll be holding Sandy survivor bottles! I’m relieved that all is well. Some of the boxes were a bit bashed (probably due to rough handling rather than anything to do with Sandy), but the bottles inside the boxes are all in good shape. I had no idea when I ordered the bottles months ago that they’d arrive the day before a huge hurricane.

We’re expecting a large storm system here over the next few days with potential flooding in the river area. I am located up high on a hilltop, so we are out of danger here. I’m hoping the people who live by the river are not hit hard.

I’m working on getting Rose Volupte and the two new naturals onto the website.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m very grateful to be part of our wonderful fragrance community and want to say thank you for supporting small artisan perfumers like myself. I’m also very lucky to be able to share the holiday with my family; my parents are in good health, and for that we are very fortunate. My brother is here with his family until Saturday afternoon, and it’ll be fun to catch up on things.

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving day with your friends and families!

Vintage Rose(s) and Cameo

I made the first little batch of the new Vintage Rose formula and it came out well, so it’s time to scale up and make more. I want to change the name a bit to signify a change to the formula and to make it easier for people to know which version they have. I’m planning to just add an “s” and call it Vintage Roses, but if someone has a better idea I am open to suggestions. Compared to the original, I swapped in the new labdanum, decreased the synthetic amber, replaced coumarin with a tiny bit of heliotrope, added oakmoss, added a touch of aldehyde, added a little bit more sandalwood and a tiny hint of a leathery ingredient, and added four new floral ingredients. The formula is much more complex, but I think the end result is smoother and gentler. It may not have quite the sillage kick of the original, but the drydown is yummy and plenty strong enough for me. It still has a plumy rose at the heart (though not as winey) and a prominent amber accord in the base, but the details are a little different. It’s probably best to sample first if you loved the old (though so far testers who loved the old approve of the new). I want to get it back on the site by the end of the month assuming all goes well.

Also, a head’s up on Cameo: Because Cameo does not sell as fast as the other scents, I may take it off the main list in January and make it by request only. I need to make room for new scents since we can only keep so many going at once, and Cameo has been lagging in sales. If it is one of your favorites, you might want to buy in the next month.

Updated to add: Maybe I should give Vintage Rose a whole new name. Otherwise, it might get confusing for people, especially when checking for reviews. The new formulation is different enough to probably need a new name, one that is appropriate for an ambery rose. If I can’t think of something, I may have a little contest…

Scent Update

I finally had a chance to work on Vintage Rose on Saturday, and I have what I hope is the final mod. I’ll send out a couple testers and hope to get it back on the site by the end of the month.

I scaled up the formulas for the first two all-natural scents, the vetiver citrus and cocoa sandalwood. I need to send out a few testers of these, and I hope they will also be on the site by the end of the month. I’m still waiting on delivery of the organic alcohol though.

Lots of orders came in this weekend, so I’ve been busy. I think people are getting in the mood for cool weather scents again.