More blog links, and an update

Incense Pure was included today on Now Smell This in Robin’s 25 More Fragrances Every Perfumista Should Smell. Today’s post is an addendum to her 50 fragrance list published five years ago. I’m very honored and grateful to be included.

Wood Violet, Voile de Violette, and Lieu de Rêves were featured today on the blog Sweet Violet Bride. Naomi combines her love of violets, nature, and weddings on her original blog. I’m glad she liked my violets!

I should be able to put samples of Rose Volupté on the site in a few days, with bottles to follow. And if all goes well, samples of the first two naturals will be available very soon too.

I’m trying to decide if I have time to do the shea cream this year. Normally I would have offered it starting in early October, but I’ve fallen behind on that. Maybe I could just do a smaller amount this year. I had been holding off because I want to do the new body oils, but those won’t happen until after the holidays. If you’re looking forward to the shea for Christmas feel free to email me and I’ll take that into consideration, but I’m thinking maybe I should skip shea cream this year and concentrate on getting the new products out.

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2 Responses to More blog links, and an update

  1. brie says:

    not surprised about incense pure being included…but I would have also added Winter Woods and Jour Ensoilielle 🙂 !!

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